Basic, Premium, Enterprise and Free Plans Comparison

Basic, Premium, Enterprise, and Free Plans in Hubstaff

What is the difference between Basic, Premium, Enterprise, and free plans in Hubstaff?

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Feature Free Basic Premium Enterprise
Time Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screenshots Yes (1x/10 minute interval) Yes (3x/10 minute interval) Yes (3x/10 minute interval) Yes (3x/10 minute interval)
Keyboard and Mouse activity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support 24/7 support 24/7 support 24/7 support VIP Support
Data Retention** 1 month 6 months 6 months 6 months
Per-User Settings Delete Screenshots,
Modify Time
Delete Screenshots,
Screenshot Frequency,
Screenshot Blur,
Idle Timeout,
Modify Time
All All
Integrations 1 integration Unlimited Unlimited
Application and URL tracking Yes Yes
Automatic Payroll Yes Yes
Timesheet Approvals Yes Yes
Weekly Limits Yes Yes
Keep Idle Time Setting Yes Yes
Schedules Yes Yes
Invoicing Yes Yes
Project Budgets Yes Yes
Time Off and Holidays Yes Yes
Teams  Yes Yes
Location Tracking Yes Yes
Job Sites Up to 50 Unlimited
Concierge Setup Yes
Higher Limits on Public API Yes
Fleet Tracking Yes
User count 1 (owner only) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Each account only allows for one organization on the free plan.
The information included on this table refers to Detailed activity. You can learn more about our data retention policy here:
You can only have one organization on the free plan at a time, so if you already have an organization on the free plan, the link will be unavailable.
The free plan only supports up to 1-month timesheet deletion
The free plan allows only 1 organization owner into the organization.
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