Hubstaff Locations Add-on

If you are an organization that requires GPS tracking, fleet tracking, job sites and work orders, you’ll need the locations add-on activated on your account.

This add-on can be purchased with Team plans and up and comes free on Enterprise plans.

Table of contents

Signing up for the add-on

To sign up for the locations add-on, follow these steps:

Step 1

First, navigate to Settings & Policies > Billing.

The pop-over is also available on other pages.

settings and policies billing

Step 2

Next, look for the Locations add-on option then click on Add Locations.

locations add add on button

Step 3

Finally, click on the Add Locations button. The total charge will change depending on your plan and the payment interval.

**Prices may change without notice. Please visit our pricing page to see updated prices.

confirm adding locations add on

Once added, you can choose your setup options. Instructions on the next section.

Setting it up

When the locations add-on is activated, you’ll enable all location-related features as listed below.

Click on a topic to learn how to set it up:

  • Location tracking on mobile – this allows users to track locations using the Hubstaff mobile application.
  • Job sites with geofences – allows organizations to restrict time and location tracking to a specific geographic radius.
  • Work orders – provides the ability to schedule jobs within a specific geographic area.
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