Project-level budgets

The Project Budgets feature allows you to track the profitability of projects and much more:

  • Know when a project is over-budget or on pace to go over-budget
  • See cost per project and per user within a project in a detailed real-time report
  • Track profitability of clients and restrict time/cost on their combined projects
  • Ensure that your company is working the full amount of time for each of your clients on a monthly basis
  • Receive notifications when a project is nearing its budget
  • Allocate a budget (in hours or cost) to a project, and Hubstaff will notify you as the selected milestone is crossed.

Step 1

To set up a budget on your project, click on Projects in the organization’s left sidebar.

Step 2

From the Projects index, under the Budget column, click the pencil icon next to the specific project for which you’d like to add a budget.

Step 3

Here you’ll be able to set the details of your budget:

  1. Type
    1. Total Cost
      1. Based on:
        1. Bill Rate
        2. Pay Rate
      2. Amount
    2. Total Hours
      1. Amount
  2. Start Date – the date where the project budget starts
  3. Notify at – add a budget percentage threshold when you’d like to be notified via email when your team has reached either a total time or cost for each project.

Step 4

Once your project’s budget is set, the current progress and budget total will be viewable from the project’s details page.

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