Keep Idle Time Setting

The Keep Idle Time organization setting allows you to control the behavior of inactivity (when your team members are inactive for however long you have set in your idle timeout settings.

The Keep idle time setting is only available on Premium or Desk Starter/Pro plans and up. To learn more about the feature sets of each plan tier, click here.

Accessing the Keep idle time setting

You can access this option in your organization settings by clicking on Settings & Policies -> General -> Timer  & Tracking.

Keep Idle Time Setting Settings Policies General

After that, click on the Keep Idle Time setting.

Keep Idle Time Setting Settings Policies General Keep Idle Time

When a team member goes idle, they are presented with the inactivity warning (assuming you have not set idle timeout to “Never” in your organization settings).

You can change the Keep Idle Time setting to the following options:

  1. Prompt – user receives a dialog box asking them if they want to keep the idle time.
  2. Always – all idle time is automatically kept.
  3. Never – no idle time is kept, any idle time detected will be discarded.

You can change this for the entire organization or for individual users as shown below.

Keep Idle Time Setting Settings Policies General Settings

The default setting for idle time is to prompt the user. This means that they have the decision to keep the idle time or discard it.

Prompt Idle Time Setting

If you choose Prompt, then it will prompt input from the user to choose what to do with the idle time. So if a user goes idle when they resume activity they will see a dialog box letting them know that they have been idle and asking them what they want to do with it: discard it and keep tracking time (default option), keep it, keep the time but reassign it to a different project, or stop time.

idle prompt keep

Clicking on Reassign idle time brings up this additional window to make the change to which project the time is moved.

reassign idle time


If you choose Always, then idle time will always be kept. If a user goes idle, when they resume activity they will see a message letting them know that they have been idle and that idle time is always kept in their organization.

They can then continue tracking time, or pause the timer.


If you choose Never, then idle time will never be kept. If a user goes idle, all time will be automatically discarded. When they are active again, they will receive a prompt letting them know that the time has been discarded.

They can then continue or pause the timer. If they continue, their time will pick back up from where it was before they went active.

Basic (as well as Time Starter/ Time Pro) plans have the Keep Idle Time setting set to “Prompt” by default. This means that users will not have the option to automatically keep or discard their time. For the ability to change the setting to “Always” or “Never”, the account must be on a Premium (or Desk Starter/Pro) plan and up.
The idle settings can be enabled/ disabled on the project level.
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