Teams Overview

Hubstaff allows you to create Teams within your organization. This enables you to better organize your workers and give specific members managerial privileges.

This feature is only available on Premium/Enterprise plans.

Creating a new Team

Step 1

Navigate to Teams on the sidebar then click “Got it!”

Step 2

Click on the Add team button to create a new Team.

Step 3

Type a name for your new Team then hit Next or click on Save and close if you wish to continue setting up your team at a later date.

Step 4

Select Teammates and Team Leads then hit Next.

Team leads manage the team and all the projects assigned to it. Their extra permissions include:

  1. Approving timesheets
  2. Approving Time Off requests
  3. Creating schedules for the team
  4. Create and edit team projects
  5. Edit team member projects and roles

These permissions can be modified through the Team Leads tab on the Edit team dialog here.

Step 5

Choose the project/s for your new Team then hit Save.

After completing the set-up, you’ll receive a notice that your new Team has been created:


Editing Teams

To edit an existing Team’s name, members and/or projects, navigate to Teams on the sidebar menu, then next to the team you wish to edit, click on Actions -> Edit team.

Editing the team name

On the Edit team dialog, click on the General tab. Assign a new team name, then hit Save.

Editing the team’s members

On the Edit team dialog, click on the Teammates tab then add/remove team members on the Teammates form field, then hit Save.

Editing the team’s projects

On the Edit team dialog, click on the Projects tab, then add/remove projects on the Team projects field then hit Save.

Providing manager access to a specific team member

You can assign one or more users within an existing team as a Team Lead to have manager access. Users assigned as Team leads will be able to approve timesheets, time-offs, and create schedules for the team.

Step 1

To assign a Team lead to an existing team, click on Teams on the sidebar, then next to the team name, click on Actions -> Edit Team.

Step 2

Navigate to the Team Leads tab, then choose the team members you wish to assign as Team Leads.

You can also toggle the Permissions settings to enable/disable the assigned Team Leads from being able to approve timesheets, time-off requests, schedule shifts, create projects, and edit team member and project roles. You may also adjust notification settings for each permission.

Once you’re done, hit Save.

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