Holidays and time off requests

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Hubstaff’s Time Off feature allows you to set policies that dictate the time off, leave, or paid holidays your team can take.

Note: The Time Off feature is only available on Premium plans and higher.

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Time off


How to add a Time Off policy

Step 1

To add a time off policy, first, you will need to navigate to the Time off option on the left of the dashboard then click on Time off & holiday settings.

Step 2

Click on Add a policy.

Step 3

Next, the Add time off policy dialog box will appear. You will be asked to fill in the following information:

  1. Policy Name
  2. Members – Select the team members you wish to add to the policy. You can automatically add members into the policy by clicking the Automatically add new members to this policy checkbox.
  3. Automatically add new members to the policy
  4. Schedule of Accrual
    1. Annual – Balances are added at the start of each year.
    2. Hours – Allows you to add a custom number of hours of time off earned for every hour each team member worked
    3. None
  5. Amount Accrued (Only available on annual accrual policies) – Here you would input a time-off credit balance each team member is eligible to receive at the start of every year.
  6. Allow negative balances – This enables users to file a time off request even if their credit balance is “0.”
  7. Balance rolls over annually – This enables the remaining balance from the previous year’s time off credits to roll over to the following year.
  8. Requires approval – This requires each pending time off request to be approved by a manager/owner.
  9. Paid – This configures the time-off credits as billable.


Understanding how Time Off accruals work

Annual Accrual

You can choose the Annual accrual method to provide your team with a set number of hours available for Time offs yearly.

In the below example, an owner wants to provide each user 10 days off every year. Depending on how many hours each user works daily, you may enter the result of your team member’s total time off days multiplied by their total daily hours.

In the screenshot below, users work 8 hours daily and are being given 10 days of time off per year. The formula would be 8 daily hours X 10 time off days allotment = 80 hours per year.

Hours worked Accrual

Organization owners can choose the Hours worked option under the Time Off Schedule of Accrual section to provide a set number of hours each team member earns based on the number of hours they’ve worked.

On the screenshot below, the team member earns 1 hour of Time Off balance for every 80 hours of work, with a limit of 90 hours per year.


Editing the members assigned to a Time Off policy

Step 1

In order to edit members assigned to a time off policy, navigate to the Time Off page on the sidebar, then click on Time off & holiday settings.

Step 2

On the Time Off settings page, click on the pencil icon located under the Members column.

Step 3

Make the necessary changes in the following screen. Once complete, click Save.

Editing or removing a Time Off policy

Step 1

To edit or remove a Time Off Policy, first navigate to the Time off page, then click on Time off settings.

Step 2

Next to the name of the policy you would like to modify, click Actions then select Edit, Archive or Remove from the drop-down menu. Editing a time off policy will let owners modify all values entered except the schedule of accrual.


How to add a Holiday policy

Step 1

In order to add a new Holiday Policy, navigate to the Time off page on the sidebar menu.


Step 2

Click on the Holidays section then click on Add holiday.


A dialog box will appear, asking you to add a holiday. Click on the drop-down menu to either enter a custom date, or select from a pre-populated list of Christian, Orthodox Christian, US, or Canadian holidays.

Choosing the Custom option will provide you additional options:

  1. Holiday name
  2. Members you’d like to add to the policy
    1. Optional – automatically add new members to the holiday policy (Add new members to this holiday)
  3. Holiday date
    1. Optional – set the holiday to occur annually (Occurs Annually)
  4. Paid hours

Choosing a pre-listed holiday would show you this dialog:

  1. Members you’d like to add to the policy
    1. Optional – automatically add new members to the holiday policy (Add new members to this holiday)
  2. Paid hours


Step 3

Hit Save to save the holiday policy.


How to edit a Holiday policy, edit the members within a policy, and how to remove it

Step 1

Navigate to Time off > Time off & holiday settings.


Step 2

Click on Holidays.

Step 3

Next to the policy name you wish to edit, click on Actions > Edit. If you wish to remove the policy, select the necessary action by clicking Actions, and selecting Remove from the drop-down menu.


The way our PTO system works is that accrued hours are collected as time is marked as paid (The time needs to be either paid using the automatic payment or marked as paid). The PTO balance will not show up unless the payment is marked as paid.

A PTO only occurs when work is done, and a PTO will not earn you PTO balance.

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