Members and Invites Overview

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This support article will provide the steps in managing actions on the Members’ page.

    1. Inviting team members
    2. Adding users to Teams
    3. Adding projects
    4. Setting up payment options
    5. Adding weekly limits
    6. Remove a team member
    7. Enabling/ Disabling tracking for a team member
    8. Batch Actions

All of the options above are accessible via the Members page on the sidebar:


Inviting team members

To invite a team member, simply navigate to Members on the left hand sidebar then click on “Invite Member.”

A popup dialog should appear where you can fill in the role and the project/s the user will be added to. Once you’re finished, press Send. An invite email with a confirmation link will be sent to the user. Once clicked, they can set-up their own Hubstaff account and will automatically be added to your organization.

Adding users to Teams

To add users to a team, first you’ll have to add a Team by navigating to the Teams tab on the sidebar, then click on “Add team.”

Then, go to Members -> Teams -> click on the pencil icon to add a user to a Team:

Adding projects

To add projects for a team member, go to Members -> on the Projects column, click the pencil icon to open the Edit project memberships dialog.

Assign the projects for the user.

Setting up payment options

  1. Update the Pay period (none, weekly, twice per month, bi-weekly, monthly).
  2. Update the Pay type (hourly, fixed amount).
  3. Update the Pay rate
  4. Update the Bill rate.

Optional: Activate/deactivate the timesheet approval feature. Click here to learn more.

Adding weekly limits

To add a weekly limit, click on the Members tab on the left sidebar.

Click on the Create button, Then a pop-up window will open, indicate the weekly limit in hours.

For a more in-depth look at the features of the Weekly limits. Read Here


Remove a team member

Step 1

Click on the Members tab on the left sidebar.

Click Actions to the right of the member you want to remove, then click the Remove member option from the dropdown.

Click Ok on the confirmation box.



Removing a user from the organization will not delete historical data. All of it will be available on the Time & Activities page by filtering the corresponding dates.


Enabling/ Disabling tracking for a team member

You can enable or disable time tracking for members in your organization.  Disabling time tracking for anyone will disallow users from tracking time from their timer and you won’t be able to add manual time for them.

Step 1

Click on the Members tab on the left sidebar.

Click on the Actions button to the right of the team member you want to enable/disable time tracking.


Batch Actions

Step 1

Click on the Members tab on the left sidebar.

Select the users that will require batch actions by checking the box beside the user.

Click on the required batch action and the users will be updated.

Step 2

Select the action you wish to apply in bulk on the list of batch actions:


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