Hubstaff Members and Invites Overview

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Hubstaff makes it easy to send invites and manage team members within your organization so they can start tracking time in no time. Follow the steps below to get started:

All of the options below are accessible via the People page on the sidebar.

Table of Contents

        1. Inviting team members
        2. Importing team members
          1. Send invites
          2. Create accounts
        3. Adding member information
        4. Change member settings
        5. Adding members to projects
        6. Setting up payment options
        7. Adding user limits
        8. Team member onboarding
        9. Adding users to Teams
        10. Edit user settings from the Invite section
        11. Remove a team member
        12. Enabling or Disabling time tracking for a team member
        13. Batch Actions
        14. Member update via CSV importer

Inviting team members

Only organization owners, managers, and team leads can send team invites.

Step 1

To invite a team member, simply navigate to People > Members on the left-hand sidebar then click on Invite Member.

menu people members

Add members 1


You can also add Members, by clicking on “Invite Members” at the left bottom corner of the side panel.

Quick Stat Guide Invite Members 2 3

Step 2

A popup dialog should appear where you can fill in the role and the projects the user will be added to. Once you’re finished, press Send. Alternatively, you can click on the Copy invite link button to send a direct invitation link to your team.

Add invite

You can also use add members using the “Invite via Link“.

Step 3

An invitation email with a confirmation link will be sent to the user. After accepting the invite, they will be asked to set up their own Hubstaff account. Once completed, the users will automatically be added to your organization.

Quick Stat Guide Accept Invite 2

Importing team members

Send invites

Now you can import team members to Hubstaff via .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX making it easier to bulk upload your member list into your Hubstaff organization. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1

First, navigate to People > Members.

menu people members

Step 2

On the projects page, click on the Import members button.

import members button

Step 3

On the dialog box, click on Download the template here to see the specific format prior to uploading your CSV file.

Import send

Step 4

Open the CSV file. The file will include these rows and columns:

  1. Member name
  2. Email
  3. Role
  4. Teams
  5. Projects
  6. Require timesheet approval
  7. Hourly Pay rate
  8. Pay period
Name Email Role Teams Projects Require timesheet approval Hourly Pay rate Pay period
FirstName LastName – Remove or change Manager (User or Manager) Team1,Team2 (This will assign existing teams, but not create new teams) Project1,Project2 (This will assign existing projects, but not create new projects) No (Yes or No) 10 Weekly (None, Weekly, Twice per month, Bi-weekly, Monthly)
FirstName2 LastName2 – Remove or change User (User or Manager) Team1 (This will assign existing team, but not create new team) Project3 (This will assign existing project, but not create new project) Yes (Yes or No) 20 Monthly (None, Weekly, Twice per month, Bi-weekly, Monthly)

Replace the data with your member’s details and settings then save the CSV file.

Step 5

After editing the file, go back to the Import members dialog, then click on Browse files, or drag the CSV you just saved to the dialog box.
import members browse files

Step 6

After successfully uploading the CSV file, click Import.

import members import button

Step 7

Finally, you’ll receive a notification that the file is being processed and you will get an email when ready.

import project notice

This process usually takes a minute but may increase depending on the number of members you’re attempting to import.

Below is a sample email upon completion of the import.

import members confirmation email

Create accounts

Account provisioning lets you create accounts for new team members directly from the Members page. It also allows organizations to add team member roles, pay rates, projects and even generate passwords for new accounts (as opposed to the standard invitation process).

To learn more, click here.

Adding member information

Step 1

To add member information, click on Actions next to a team member’s name and then select Edit info. You can also click the team member’s name to open the edit info page.

people members actions edit info

You can also click on any user’s avatar, then click on Member profile.

members user avatar member profile

Step 2

The INFO page is broken into 3 parts Identity, Contact, and Custom fields.

After adding the necessary information click Save Changes.


  • ID ADDRESS- Captured by Hubstaff
  • DATE- Captured by Hubstaff



Custom Fields – add custom field


Edit info


You can also add custom member fields via Settings & policies > General > Member > Add custom field.

settings general member profiles add custom field

You can also fill out the Employment tab when the Hubstaff People add-on is enabled.

Here you can add:

  • Job details
    • Job title*
    • Job type
    • Department*
    • Work address
  • Hiring details
    • Employment type
    • In-office/remote
    • % in office/%remote
    • Employed through
  • Accounting
    • Tax info
    • Tax type
    • Account code
    • Currency
  • Timeline
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Termination reason
    • Employment comments

Note: Fields with the asterisk (*) are customizable drop-down fields where employers can add personalized options.

members employment tab

Change member settings

Step 1

To change member settings, click on the user’s avatar, then select Member Profile.

members user avatar member profile

Step 2

Next, go to the Settings tab, then from here you can change the following settings:

  1. Able to track time – designates whether the user can track time to the organization or if tracking is disabled.
  2. Modify time – choose whether the user can add/remove/change time.
  3. Add member to all new projects – enabling this setting adds the user to all new projects.
    1. Add as – here you can choose the user’s role when they are added to new projects.
  4. Allowed apps – lets users track time either on all types of applications (mobile/browser/desktop), or desktop only.
  5. Idle timeout – lets you select how long before the idle timeout feature is initiated for the user.
  6. Keep idle time – allows or disallows users from keeping detected idle time.

member settings

Step 3

Click on Save Changes to save your settings.

save changes

Adding members to projects

Step 1

To add projects for a team member, go to People > Members on the sidebar.

Members and Invite Adding members to Projects

Step 2

Under the Projects column, next to a team member’s name, click the pencil icon to open the Edit member dialog.

people members projects edit

Step 3

Edit the user’s role on the projects, then select the projects you wish to add. Hit Save to finish adding projects.

members roles projects save changes

Setting up payment options

Step 1

To add projects for a team member, go to People > Members on the sidebar.

Members and Invite Adding members to Projects 1

Step 2

Under the Payment column, next to the member’s name, click on the pencil icon to edit the user’s payment options.

people members payments edit

Step 3

The Payments dialog will appear. Fill in the following information:
Edit User Payments 0523

    1. Toggle to adjust the Pay rate or Bill Rate settings.
    2. The Pay period – (none, weekly, twice per month, bi-weekly, monthly). Adding a pay period will automatically mark hours as paid based on the below available pay period options:
      1. Weekly: Every org week start date.
      2. Bi-Weekly: Every other org week start date (For Bi-weekly payments you will have the option to choose from 2 pay periods)
      3. Twice per month: 16th and 31st of the month
      4. Monthly: 31st of the month
    3. Optional: Activate/deactivate the timesheet approval feature. Click here to learn more about how the timesheet approval feature works.
    4. Update the Pay rate – pay rates are the amounts used for payroll/ Bill rate – bill rates are the rates used to invoice clients.
    5. Update the Pay type – can be set to Hourly or Fixed payments.
    6. Set the starting date of the new Pay rate.
    7. Click Save Changes to confirm the changes.

Adding user limits

Step 1

To add a weekly limit, click on the People > Members tab on the left sidebar.

Members and Invite Adding members to Projects 1

Step 2

Under the Limits column, next to the member’s name, click on the pencil icon to edit the user’s limits.

people members limits edit

Step 3

The Limits dialog will appear. You can customize the following options:

  1. Recurring Weekly Limit
  2. Optional: Use shifts to set daily limits – limits the user to track time on specific schedules set.
  3. Recurring Daily Limit
  4. Days allowed to work

Edit Users Limits

For a more in-depth look at the features of the limits click the links below.

Team member onboarding

The team member onboarding feature allows owners/managers to check which users have created a Hubstaff account, downloaded the app, tracked time, and also sends reminders to users to complete setting up their accounts.

Step 1

To access the dialog box, go to the People > Members page.

menu people members

menu people members

Step 2

Click on “Onboarding status” on the rightmost part of the page.

Onboard Status

Step 3

A popup dialog should appear where you can see the status onboarding status of each user. Toggle the Show onboarded members setting to show only users who haven’t been completely onboarded.

For more details, please check the team onboarding support article here.

Adding users to Teams

To add users to a team, first, you’ll have to add a Team by navigating to the Teams tab on the sidebar, then clicking on Add team.

Members and Invite Adding members to Projects 4

Members and Invite Add Team

Members and Invite Team Name
Then, click on Next > Add Teammates and Team Leads one by one or “Select All” on each category.

Members and Invite Add Team Members

Click on Next again> Lastly add your projects one by one or “Select All” and click “Save“.

Members and Invite Team Add Projects

Edit user settings from the Invite section

You may also access the user’s settings mentioned in previous steps before they accept the invitation by navigating to the Invites tab in order to make the onboarding process more seamless.

Step 1

Select People > Members from the main navigation menu. Once on there, click on the Invites tab.

members area

Step 2

Click on the Invites tab and then click on the desired option.

Members and Invite Edit user settings from the Invite section

Step 3

One special mention to this section is that if you edit the user’s role, and they don’t have an existing account in Hubstaff, you will be able to edit their Name, if an account already exists this field is auto-filled. After the user accepts the invitation, only they are able to edit their account name.

Members and Invite Edit Members Role

Remove a team member

Step 1

Click on the People > Members tab on the left sidebar.

Members and Invite Adding members to Projects 4

Step 2

Click Actions to the right of the member you want to remove, then click the Remove member option from the dropdown.

people members actions remove member

Step 3

Click Ok on the confirmation box.

Members and Invite Remove a Member Confirm

Removing a user from the organization will hide all detailed activities (screenshots, app & URL, payments, etc.). Time data will be kept.

Enabling or Disabling time tracking for a team member

You can enable or disable time tracking for members of your organization.  Disabling time tracking for anyone will disallow users from tracking time from their timer and you won’t be able to add manual time for them.

Step 1

Click on the People > Members tab on the left sidebar.

Members and Invite Adding members to Projects 4

Step 2

Click on the Actions button to the right of the team member you want to enable/disable time tracking.

people members actions disable tracking

Batch Actions

Batch actions let you apply an action to multiple team members in one go.

Step 1

Click on the People > Members tab on the left sidebar.

Select the users that will require batch actions by checking the box beside the user.

Click on the required batch action and the users will be updated.

Members and Invite Adding members to Projects 4

members batch actions

Step 2

Select the action you wish to apply in bulk on the list of batch actions:

Batch action

Member Update via CSV importer

Update multiple member details in one go via file upload.

Step 1

First, navigate to People > Members.

People Members 1

Step 2

On the Members page, click on the Batch actions and then Import list to bulk update.

Import list

Step 3

On the new pop-up window, click on the Update all members button.

Import the file once the changes are added.

Update fields

Import 2

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