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Time Tracking Apps Guide

Hubstaff has a wide range of available time tracking apps. To get started tracking your time with Hubstaff, you will need to download a time tracking client.

Download The Hubstaff App Here

We offer multiple apps across various operating systems and devices, catering to your organization’s unique setup. Prefer Mac over Windows? Chrome extension?  No problem! Or, if you’re not keen on installing any software or apps, check out our Web Timer where you can track time directly from your browser.

Table of contents

Hubstaff app comparison

Each of our time-tracking apps carries a different set of time-tracking features. Below is a table that illustrates which features are available for each app:

App Time Tracking Screenshots Input Tracking Apps URLs Embedded Timer (Integrations) Locations*
 Desktop apps (Windows, OSX, Linux)
Chrome Extension
Mobile App (iOS/Android)
Web Timer
The Chrome and the Linux apps cannot show a breakdown of activity for the keyboard and mouse, therefore, the activity numbers will always match. This is a limitation of the information provided by the OS.
The Chromebook app does not support screenshot recording from multiple displays due to ChromeOS limitations.
* Requires the location add-on to be activated on the organization.
Starting on Version 0.10.1 screenshots are no longer supported on the Chrome Extension.
App/URL tracking is only supported in OSX 10.7 or later.

Desktop apps

Available on Windows, Mac & Linux

Hubstaff’s desktop tracker offers our full suite of features.

Installation guides

Before tracking time, users will be required to allow Hubstaff to record data.

mac osx data collection consent popup

These features are enabled and can only be changed by organization owners/managers. Please contact your organization owner/manager in case you wish to disable a tracking feature.

Desktop app features

Learn each section of the desktop app to maximize its features.

desktop app buttons sections

  1. App menu – provides various options such as signing out of the app and configuring preferences.
  2. Timer – displays the time tracked in hh:mm:ss format.
  3. Current project/task name – the names of the project/task the user is currently tracking time to.
  4. Play button
  5. Limits – when set, shows the running time against the limit set for the user.
  6. Time tracked today
  7. Project search bar – allows you to search across projects.
  8. Project list – lists down all projects assigned to a user.
  9. Refresh button – clicking this button forces the app to sync to our servers. By design the app refreshes automatically every 10 minutes.
  10. View toggle – can be set to compact or normal view.
  11. Expand/contract toggle – show or hide the tasks pane
  12. Task lists – when integrated with Hubstaff Tasks, shows the list name.
  13. Task status filter – when integrated with Hubstaff Tasks, shows the current status of the task.
  14. Show completed button – shows tasks that are marked as complete.
  15. Tasks search button – allows you to search across tasks.
  16. Task creation button – lets you create new tasks in-app.
  17. Tasks – a list of currently assigned tasks. Tasks integrated with a third party app (or Hubstaff Tasks) can also be marked as complete within the app.

Time tracking on desktop apps

Now you can begin tracking time. Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1

To begin tracking time, click on the play button next to either a project name, or a task name (if assigned).

desktop client play button project task time tracking app

Step 2

The timer will start running on the main window.

Once tracking starts, a live ticker will count the seconds, minutes, and hours you have worked in real-time.


While tracking time, and if a work break policy is set for your organization, you can click on the cup icon when taking breaks. Click on the same button to stop tracking break time.

work break button

Add work notes while tracking time by clicking the Add note button.

desktop app add note button

Chrome extension & Chromebook app

Available on the Chrome browser & Google Chrome OS

Hubstaff’s Chrome extension & Chromebook App is a quick-install option, as a result, allowing you and your team to get set-up and tracking as quickly as possible.

Installation Guides

Step 1

Firstly, select the project1 and/or to-dos2 you wish to track time against, then click the Start timer button to begin tracking time.

chrome time tracking app

Step 2

Once time tracking begins, the live ticker will count the seconds, minutes, and hours you have worked in real-time. While tracking time, you can also click the Add note button to add work notes.

chrome time tracking app

Finally, click the Stop timer button to stop tracking time.

Two links are available at the top right-hand side of your tracker. Clicking on Work log launches a new browser window, which then displays your timesheets within the web app1. The Settings button will redirect you to the Settings page, allowing you to customize features within your tracking client 2.

chrome worklog settings

The refresh icon force syncs your data with our servers, allowing your timesheets to be updated immediately. The “last updated at:” status on the toolbar shows you what time the app last synced to our servers.

Do you need help installing the Chrome Extension or Chromebook tracker? Please see our step-by-step installation guides here: Chrome Extension, Chromebook App

Mobile apps

Hubstaff’s mobile app is available on both Android and iPhone. As well as tracking time, our mobile app can also log GPS locations when the locations add-on is enabled.

Step 1

Tap on the Projects / Work Orders button to get a list of the projects you can track time against.

iOS time tracking stopped



iOS projects work orders


Step 2

To access assigned tasks, simply tap on any of the projects and you’ll see your assigned tasks under that project. You may tap on the task to select it. After selecting a task, tap on the play button to begin tracking time.

IMG 6315


Once tracking begins, a live ticker will count the seconds, minutes, and hours you have worked in real-time.


Mobile App features run-down

iOS time tracking play




IMG 7085


  1. Work break button – the work break button allows you to take breaks and then add them to their timesheets while tracking time. This is only enabled when your organization has set work break policies and added you as a member.
  2. If you wish to add a note to your timesheets, you can do so by clicking the Add Note button which will then be posted on the site.
  3. Mobile app menu options– the menu lets you navigate through each section and setting of the mobile app. Having mobile access to these features makes it easy to manage data for users and owners who are on the move.
  4. If your employer has set a weekly tracking limit for you, it will be shown on the mobile app. Users will always know how much time they have left to track within the week, however, when you do reach your limit, a notification will appear, letting you know that no more time can be tracked.
  5. Displays the total running time on the mobile app.
Do you need help installing the mobile app? Please see our step-by-step installation guides here: Android, iPhone

Web timer

The web timer can only track time, in comparison, screenshots, apps, URLs and activity tracking is only available through desktop apps.

The web timer lets you and your team track time without having to install apps on your computer/mobile devices, as a result, lets you track anywhere.

Simply navigate to your web Dashboard, and click on the timer icon to open the tracker to begin tracking time.

web timer

Projects (1) and tasks (2) you’re assigned to will appear as shown below.

web timer time tracking app

Select a project and/or task name, and then press the Play button to begin tracking time.

If your employer has set a weekly tracking limit for you, it will eventually be shown on the client (1). As a result, users will always know how much time they have left to track within the week. If you do reach your weekly limit, a notification will appear, letting you know that no more time can be tracked.

A running total of time tracked per day will then be shown on the client as below (2).

web timer limit today

Please note all monitoring features are not available on all trackers. For a compatible features list, please see our guide here.
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