Mobile App and Location Tracking

Hubstaff Mobile App with GPS and Location Tracking

Download Hubstaff for iOS and Android Here

Hubstaff’s mobile application allows you to track time on your iOS or Android device while on the move. The GPS and location tracking is a premium feature that allows you to track team member locations via GPS and allows you to see where they travel and how long they spend at different destinations.

Getting Started

Step 1

After installing the app, you will be able to sign in using your Hubstaff credentials:

Step 2

After signing in, you’ll see your projects that you’re able to track time to (just like the Hubstaff desktop application).

Click a project to start tracking time to it and start keeping track of locations:

Step 3

You can view recent GPS tracked locations, as well as your current location, by using the Map section (iOS only)


After clicking Maps, you’ll be taken to the Map page which will display location tracking records from when you started tracking time to where you stopped tracking.

Step 4

Your location will be viewable in your Hubstaff account online. Just click on Activity on the sidebar menu, then click on Locations:

Step 5

There you’ll be able to view the details of the user’s whereabouts while tracking time:

Step 6

In the Activity -> Screenshots section, you will see thumbnails indicating where mobile time has been tracked:

Hubstaff App Menu


To access the menu in the Hubstaff app, click on the menu icon in the top left corner after signing in. There, you can get support, report a error, view the details of the app version or sign out:

You are free to track time on the mobile app regardless of the plan the organization is on, however, only our Premium customers can view Locations data via geolocation tracking on the Activity page. Click here for a Basic vs Premium comparison.
In order to track locations, you must enable ‘Track Locations (Mobile Only)’ in the organization settings.
Screenshot capture in the mobile app is not supported due to security measures put in place on the devices.
Cellular data must be enabled for Hubstaff in order to capture location when wi-fi is not available.
Background app refresh and location services must be enabled for Hubstaff.
Tracking time while inside a building with poor GPS reception may affect location tracking accuracy.
The mobile app syncs every 10 minutes or so depending on your phone’s internet connection so locations may update after the app was successfully able to connect.
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