Adding Tasks to Lists in Hubstaff Tasks

Below are instructions on how you can add tasks to lists on Hubstaff Tasks:

Note: Projects and lists need to be set up first before adding tasks.

Step 1

Click on the Add button located in the top right corner of each task list to create a new task.

Step 2

Type in the name for the task and click Save.

Step 3

Next, click on the newly created task to open it and add more details.

Step 4

You’ll see the task window and be able to do several things.

  1. Task type – define if the card is a task or a bug.
  2. Task name – the name assigned to the task.
  3. Task location – shows you the project and list name where the task is stored under.
  4. Task description – allows you to add details or instructions on how to perform the task.
  5. Attachments – lets you upload files into the task.
  6. Checklists – adds a checklist to the task.
  7. Comments – lets you add comments to the task.
  8. Work Logs – The Work Logs section will show time that was tracked (using the Hubstaff Time Tracking application) to the task.
  9. Assignee – the user whom the task is assigned to.
  10. Followers – will receive any updates from the task.
  11. Task labels – organize your tasks by adding labels.
  12. Due date – lets you assign a due date to the task.
  13. Estimate – lets you add an estimated time to complete the task.
  14. Tags – lets you tag a specific user on the task.

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