Adding Tasks to Lists in Hubstaff Tasks

To add tasks, click on a project in your organization. You’ll see your different lists there (if you don’t have a project or any lists yet, read how to set them up here).

Step 1

Click “Add a task” in a task list to create a new task.


Step 2

Type in the name for the task, and either hit Enter/Return or click the green check mark to create the task.


Step 3

Next, click on the newly created task to open it and add more details.


Step 4

You’ll see the task window and be able to do several things.

  1. Change the task type
  2. Add an attachment or delete the card
  3. Start work on the task (this will move it to a different list depending on your list workflow settings)
  4. Add a description to the task
  5. Add a custom label to the task
  6. Assign the task to a team member
  7. Add followers to the task so they can stay updated on it
  8. View time tracked to the task (automatically updated when using the Hubstaff time tracking integration)
  9. Add a checklist to the task
  10. Add comments to the task


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