Installing the Chrome extension

Unlike our desktop applications, the Chrome extension isn’t able to capture screenshots of the user’s desktop. However, it does give you the ability to track time to your integrated tasks directly from the integration site. You can click here to learn more about that.

Installing the Chrome extension

Step 1

The First step is to visit the Chrome Web Store on the device that you’re adding the app to and searching for “Hubstaff” in the search bar, then clicking the “Add to Chrome” next to the extension option. You can also click here to be taken directly to the installation page.


Step 2

Next, when prompted, click the “Add extension” button on the permission popup.

Step 3

Once the installation has finished, you’ll be able to click the Hubstaff icon next to your search bar to open the extension window and sign in to begin tracking your time!


Your manager has set up projects in Hubstaff and given you access to a certain number (or all) of those projects. When you start the app, and login, you’ll be presented with any number of projects to select. You should always select the project that you are currently working on, as these projects will be reflected in your reports in the Hubstaff web interface.
At this point you should be able to track time for any project that you are authorized to work on by your manager. It may be a good idea to inform your manager that you have successful installed and activated your Hubstaff app so they can confirm that everything is working correctly.
The Chrome extension has limitations with how well it tracks activity. Its limited to 15 second granularity. That means if you do something once every 15 seconds, you will have 100% activity.
Chrome Hubstaff extension cannot show a breakdown of activity for keyboard and mouse. The numbers will always match. This is a limitation of the information provided by the X screensaver API on Chrome.
The Chrome extension may not be able to handle a large number of projects/tasks. This is due to limitations set in Chrome or your hardware’s memory usage.
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