Hubstaff Preferences and Settings

Hubstaff Preferences and Settings

The Hubstaff preferences menu can be accessed through the application by clicking the menu icon in the top right corner of the Hubstaff application (the application must be fully expanded to see this option).

Step 1

Expand the timer by clicking this icon on your timer.

Step 2

Click on the drop-down menu.

Step 3

You can also right-click the Hubstaff icon in the system tray to bring up the menu.

Next, click on the Preferences option in the menu.

The preferences window will open and you will see the available options.

Hubstaff Timer Preferences Window Menu

The preferences allow you to control:

  • Whether Hubstaff starts automatically when you turn on your computer
  • If you would like the app to remain on top of other windows when in compact mode
  • How pressing the “X” button to close the app will work (Windows only):
    • Prompt each time: You will be asked if you want to minimize or exit Hubstaff (default)
    • Minimize: This will minimize the app when you click the “x” button
    • Quit Hubstaff: This will stop Hubstaff and close the application.
  • Show in options (Windows only):
    • Taskbar and System Tray: On this setting, you’ll have an active window on the Taskbar and the Hubstaff icon on the System tray.
    • Only in the system tray: In this setting, only the Hubstaff icon is visible in the System tray.
  • The Remind me to track option will help you in managing your working hours. It’s an alert system that lets you know if you are not yet login to Hubstaff on the usual time/ day of time-tracking.
  • Use background helper – allows the app to easily record other activities such as app and URL recording.

After selecting your preferences click the Apply button and OK for these settings to take effect.

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