Hubstaff Tasks Add-on for Hubstaff Time Tracking

Harness the power and efficiency of Hubstaff Tasks on your Hubstaff Time Tracking organization by enabling the embedded Tasks add-on. This paid add-on lets Hubstaff Time Tracking users view tasks in Kanban or Timeline views similar to how they appear on Hubstaff Tasks.

embedded tasks time tracking 1

Table of contents

How to subscribe to the paid Tasks add-on

Step 1

To subscribe to the Tasks add-on, navigate to Settings & Policies > Billing, then click on Try it for free. The add-on will start with a 14-day free trial after which the subscription will be paid.

tasks add on billing

The Tasks add-on is billed separately from Hubstaff (Time Tracking) and Hubstaff Tasks subscriptions. Pricing is at $3/user/month if you are on a monthly plan, and $30/user/year (or $2.5/user/month) on annual plans.

Should you wish to continue with the paid version, navigate to Settings & Policies > Billing and click on Add Tasks.

tasks add on add tasks button

Step 2

Next, confirm the add-on by clicking Add Tasks.

confirmation tasks add on

You’ll receive an email confirmation once the add-on is enabled.

tasks add on email

All existing unlinked projects will be linked to your Hubstaff Tasks organization once the add-on is enabled.
All add-ons are automatically billed after a plan’s trial expires.

Setting up your Hubstaff Tasks organization

Step 1

While signed in to your Hubstaff account, navigate to your avatar located on the top-right of the page, then click My Account. Alternatively, you can navigate to

tasks avatar my account

Step 2

Under the Apps section, click the Open button under Hubstaff Tasks. Alternatively, you can navigate to

open hubstaff tasks

Step 3

You’ll be taken to your Hubstaff Tasks organization dashboard.

hubstaff tasks dashboard sample 1

Step 4

Follow our handy quick start guide for new Hubstaff Tasks organizations here to learn how you can maximize your Hubstaff Tasks subscription.

Managing tasks on Hubstaff Time Tracking with the Tasks add-on

To see tasks under your Hubstaff Tasks projects in Hubstaff Time Tracking, navigate to Project Management > Tasks.

project management tasks

Under the project selection drop-down, select any project with the Hubstaff Tasks logo next to it. This means that these projects are linked between Hubstaff (Time Tracking) and Hubstaff Tasks, and can be viewed in List, Kanban, or Timeline views.

project selection tasks

Adding tasks

Adding tasks in Kanban view

Step 1

Navigate to Project Management > Tasks, then click the Kanban switcher, and then the + button under the To-do list.

add on tasks kanban

Step 2

Add the task name, then click the check button.

new task

Step 3

When you click on the task, you’ll see the task window and be able to do several things.

  1. Task type – define if the card is a task or a bug.
  2. Task name – the name assigned to the task.
  3. Task location – shows you the project and list name where the task is stored under.
  4. Task workflow buttons – shows workflow buttons to move tasks to another workflow list.
  5. Task description – allows you to add details or instructions on how to perform the task.
  6. Attachments – lets you upload files into the task.
  7. Checklists – adds a checklist to the task.
  8. Comments – lets you add comments to the task, you will also have an option to attach files in the comments.
  9. Work Logs – The Work Logs section will show time that was tracked (using the Hubstaff Time Tracking application) to the task.
  10. Assignee – the user whom the task is assigned to.
  11. Followers – will receive any updates from the task.
  12. Sprint – lets you choose which sprint the task is assigned to.
  13. Epic – lets you choose which epic the task is assigned to.
  14. Labels – organize your tasks by adding labels.
  15. Recurring – allows you to repeat the task weekly or monthly (This feature is only available on Premium plans).
  16. Start Date – lets you assign a start date to the task.
  17. Due date – lets you assign a due date to the task.
  18. Worked – shows the time spent on the task.
  19. Estimate – lets you add an estimated time to complete the task.
  20. Worked progress bar – shows the time spent on the task against the set estimate.
  21. Cost – shows how much was spent on this task (requires the project and organization to be synced to Hubstaff Time Tracking and a pay rate set for the specific user).

task features

Adding tasks in Timeline view

Step 1

Navigate to Project Management > Tasks, then click the Timeline switcher, and then the + button.
timeline view


Step 2

The New task dialog will appear. Fill in the required details, then hit Create.

new task timeline


The new task will appear under the timeline view.

task timeline

Hubstaff organizations with enabled embedded tasks add-on do not support direct time tracking using the Hubstaff Tasks Web timer.
Hubstaff members invited using the invite link will not automatically be invited in Hubstaff Tasks.
When the tasks add-on is unlinked, the data will be deleted immediately. When the add-on trial ends, orgs will have 14 days to unlink, which will delete the tasks organization/data.
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