Downloading the Hubstaff Desktop Client

Where to download the Hubstaff apps

The first step to start tracking time automatically is to download the Hubstaff Client.
The Hubstaff desktop application is available for Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux devices,  Mobile application for iOS and Android devices, and a Google Chrome extension.

You should download and install the corresponding client for your machine.

Downloading from your Hubstaff dashboard

To download the app from your time tracking dashboard, click on your avatar located towards the top-right hand of the page, then select Download.

avatar download option


Downloading from the download page

To download the app from our download page, navigate to, then choose the app for the platform you’re currently using.



Be sure to check out our installation guides available for the appropriate devices below:

We also have a Mobile application and Chrome extension to track time:

Enterprise deployment

Only available on Enterprise plan.

For users under the Enterprise plan, your organization can download and deploy MSI packages compatible with MDM (Multi-Device Management) systems with the option to disable the automatic update function so your team can manage updates accordingly. Redistributable packages are available here.

enterprise download page

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