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Hubstaff Organization Settings

Hubstaff has a set of useful settings that can be applied to your organization as a whole or to individual users.

To  access your organization settings, click on Settings on the side panel, followed by the Team tab. Make sure you have the correct organization selected in the upper right-hand corner drop-down. You should see the following admin settings:

Track apps & URLs – See which apps team members use when working, view detailed reports of time spent using each app or the URLs they have accessed. You can choose to track just Apps or Apps & URLs at the same time.

Track Locations (Mobile only) – This feature applies to team members who track time through our mobile-based iOS and Android time tracking (GPS enabled) application. Our GPS time tracking iOS and Android application allows your team to track their time when they’re on the road or out of the office. The app will allow you to always know where your team is through location monitoring.

Screenshot frequency – This setting allows you to choose how many screenshots should be taken on the users computer every 10 minutes.

Screenshot blur – This allows you to obfuscate the image being capture. Note that the blurred image is from the actual screenshot being taken and uploaded to the server.

Delete screenshots – This setting allows you to assign a value (Yes or No) to your organization as a whole or to individual users as to whether they can delete individual screens that were previously recorded through the Hubstaff time tracker.

Modify time – This setting allows you to assign a value (Yes or No) to your organization as a whole or to individual users as to whether they can delete activity that was previously recorded through the Hubstaff time tracker and add, remove or edit time manually.

Require reason – This setting allows you to control if you’ll require your users to provide a reason whenever they edit their timesheets. It applies to the entire organization and it has an option to set it to individual users.

Idle timeout – This setting allows you to choose when the inactivity warning kicks in.

Allowed apps – This allows you to prevent your team from tracking time through the mobile app,web tracker or the Chrome extension and requires them to track time through the desktop app for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux and through the Chromebook app.

Record activity – Allows you to turn activity tracking ON or OFF. 

Keep idle time – It allows you to choose if idle (inactive) time gets added or removed from the user’s work log automatically. The “Idle timeout” option always prompts the user and asks them if they want to keep idle time or remove it. Please click here to learn more.

Shift alerts – This applies to the Attendance Scheduling, which sends alerts when someone is late, misses, or abandons a shift. You may choose if management or the user receives alerts. You may also choose both.

 Auto-add users – It allows you to auto-add organization members to every project that you create and assign them a specific role automatically. Click here to learn more.

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