Auto start/stop timer

To ensure accurate data recording for your team members, you can now enable desktop timer auto start/stop during their scheduled shifts. You can also specify start and end times on selected dates.

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Adding an Auto start/stop timer policy

This feature requires that desktop timer versions 1.6.14 and above are installed and that the user is logged into the application and is running within the specified time range.
The timer will not automatically start if the application is closed.

In order to activate the automatic start/stop feature, check out the steps below:

Step 1

First, navigate to Settings & policies > General.

settings general menu

Step 2

Click on Timer & Tracking > Automatic tracking policy > Add policy.

Auto start stop 6 1

Step 3

Select the preferred option, depending on your use case:
Auto start stop 5 1

Step 4

Next, the Automatic timer policy dialog will appear. Fill in the following details:

  1. Policy name
  2. Teams/Members
  3. Timer start/stop rules – can be set to either existing shifts or a fixed schedule. An “All the time” option is also available for company-owned devices
  4. Don’t start the timer until the first activity (optional) – the recording will only start when the team member uses the keyboard/mouse.
  5. Days of the week – specify the days of the week the timer will automatically start and stop as well as the start and stop times. Note: this follows the team member’s (not the organization’s timezone).
  6. Starting project – here you can define what project the timer will track time to when it starts recording.

Auto Start stop 3 1

Step 5

After saving, you’ll see the auto start/stop timer policy you created.

Step4 03212023

Step 6

After the policy has been set up, and during the designated time, the user will be prompted whether they would like to allow the timer to automatically start/stop.

auto start stop timer

Step 7

Once allowed, the timer will start and stop tracking time to the designated project as scheduled.

Auto Start stop 5 2

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