Getting Started with Hubstaff Tasks

Step 1

First, click the “Add Organization” button in the top right corner of your account.

Step 2

Next, enter a name for your organization (i.e. your company name) and click “Submit”.

Step 3

Click “New project” to create a new project (you’ll organize lists and tasks under each project, and can create as many as you need).


Step 4

You’ll be able to choose a template to help you quickly create a project (there is also a “Blank” option if you wish to not use any template). Click “View Details” to see more about the template and select it.


Step 5

You can learn more about the template, and if you want to proceed with it, click “Choose template”.


Step 6

Last, enter a name for the project and click “Create”.



After creating a project, you will be able to create lists of tasks.

If you haven’t already, you can also invite your team members so you can assign tasks to them.

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