Stand-up Overview in Hubstaff Tasks

This is a Premium feature.

Hubstaff Tasks’ Stand-ups feature offers organization owners and managers an agile way to ensure your team is on the same page, keep them up to date with what the team is working on, and identify roadblocks so you can address them immediately.

Team members will be to submit an update each day or week detailing what they worked on that day, what they are going to work on next, and if they ran into any blockers.

Looking for more information about agile best practices and how Hubstaff Tasks can help your team achieve effortless iterative improvement? Check out Hubstaff’s guide to agile project management by clicking here.

Table of contents

Stand-ups can be accessed via the Stand-ups menu on the sidebar.

Creating a Stand-up

Step 1

Click on the New stand-up button.

Step 2

Select or create a team you wish to receive updates from.

Creating a team

Step 1

If you have not yet created a team, you will be given the opportunity to do so by clicking the Create Team option (as shown below).

Step 2

Enter your new team name, select team members, and team leads then hit Save.

Step 3

Indicate whether you wish for updates to be sent to Team leads or Everyone in the team. Select Next to continue.

Step 4

The next screen of the setup wizard will ask you to configure the details of your stand-up.

  1. First, type a name for your stand-up.
  2. Select the frequency which you wish to receive updates, either Daily or Weekly. Then you can define which day/s stand-up reminders are sent.
  3. Finally, choose what time you wish for the notifications to be sent the following day if no submission is made for a particular day.

Complete the setup process by clicking the Done button.

Stand-up questions cannot be modified as these are standard.

Editing a Stand-Up

To update the settings or add/remove members on the stand-up, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Open your Tasks dashboard, then select STAND-UPS from the navigation menu.

Step 2

Click the menu (…) button within the stand-up you wish to edit. Then, select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Under the General tab, you can make changes to the following details:

  • The name of the stand-up
  • The frequency at which notifications are sent (either daily or weekly)
  • On which day/s notifications are sent.
  • Optional: you can also archive or delete the standup by pressing the similarly named buttons.

Press Save to confirm the changes made.

Under the Team tab, you can make changes to the following details:

  • Permissions: Select whether individual members receive updates, submit updates, or receive updates.
  • Reminder: You can change the time at which notifications are sent to individual team members.
Reminders are sent on the next scheduled standup date. For example, if your stand-ups are scheduled every Monday, the reminder to complete the stand-up will arrive on Monday the following week.


Adding and removing members can also be done under the Team tab.

  • Click on the Team name and a new window will pop-up.

  • To add a member to the team, click on Add member. You can also define a user as a Team lead by toggling the setting next to their name.

  • Select the Member on the drop-down and assign a Project role.

  • Click Save to complete the settings.

How do my team members submit an update?

Step 1

Open the Tasks dashboard, then select STAND-UPS from the top navigation menu.

Step 2

Select Submit update under the relevant stand-up.

Step 3

Enter the responses into each field. The last question is optional.

Click Save to submit the update.


Team members can also submit updates via the notification that is sent to their email depending on the frequency set on the stand-up.

Submitting an update for previous days

To submit an update for previous days, follow these steps:

Step 1

Navigate to Stand-ups on the sidebar.

stand ups


Step 2

Click on Submit update.

submit update

Step 3

Click on the previous date, or click Today to submit an update for the day.

standups submit update

Step 4

Fill out what you worked on, what you’ll work on next, and any roadblocks you have experienced, then hit Save.

standup new status update

Step 5

You’ll receive a popup notification letting you know the update was submitted.

update submitted standup

How do I view updates sent by my team members?

Step 1

Open the Tasks dashboard, then select STAND-UPS from the top navigation menu.

Step 2

Click the View updates button on the relevant stand-up.

Step 3

You will see a list of all team members who have submitted updates under the Update submitted header. If you wish to send a response to them, you can do so by pressing the Reply via email button.

Team members with a red exclamation mark have indicated they have encountered a roadblock that you may wish to address.

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