Using the To-dos view in Hubstaff Tasks

The To-dos view allows you to add and view existing tasks, or add simple to-dos that keep you focused on what you need to prioritize for the day or on upcoming days.

This is a beta feature available only on Premium plans and may not be available for all users at this time.
Projects and tasks need to be created before you can add items to the view. To learn more about how to add tasks, click here.

Table of Contents

To switch to the To-dos view, click the calendar icon located on the top right corner of the dashboard.

Adding new tasks to the To-dos view

To add a new task to the To-dos view, click on the Add to-do button under either the Today or Upcoming view.

Note that to-dos added here are not full tasks where we can add assignees.

Adding existing tasks to the To-dos view

To add tasks to the view, open any task, then click on the To-dos icon. Choosing the Today option will add the task to the today list, and choosing any other option will add the task to the Upcoming list.

This is how the new task will appear on the list:

Marking tasks as completed

You can mark tasks as completed on the To-dos view to remove them from the view.
Marking a task as completed on the To-dos view does not mark the task as completed, it simply removes it from the view.

To mark a task as completed in the view, click on the checkbox next to the task name.

After placing a checkmark, the task will be stricken out of the To-dos view.

Deleting tasks from the To-dos view

To delete tasks from the view, click on the Trash icon next to the task name.

A dialog box will appear. Click the Remove button to confirm.

Rescheduling tasks

On the To-dos view, you can change whether the task should be done today or in the upcoming days.

To change task priority, click on the clock icon next to the task name, then choose from any of the options on the drop-down list.


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