Everything view in Hubstaff Tasks

everything view

The Everything view in Hubstaff Tasks allows you to manage all of your assigned tasks and to-dos in a single page. From here, you can view all your assigned tasks/to-dos, as well as filter tasks to find exactly what task you need to be working on.

To access the page, click on Everything on the sidebar.

hubstaff tasks everything menu

Table of contents

Available features and filters on the Everything view

The Everything page lets you:

  1. Filter tasks
  2. Only show completed tasks
  3. Use the search bar to find tasks
  4. Add tasks

everything view filters

Filtering tasks on the Everything view

You can use filters to find specific tasks from your task list. Below are the available filters:

tasks everything filter options

You can select one or a combination of multiple filters to be able to drill-down on a specific task you wish to look for.


First, you can use the assignee filter (in addition to other filters) to filter tasks assigned to one or more team members. To filter by assignee, click on the assignee name (or multiple assignees) to add it to the active assignee filters.

everything view filter assignee


Secondly, the Followers filter lets you choose which tasks have specific followers added to the task. You can use this filter along with other filters.

everything view filter followers

Toggling the Match all option will show you tasks that matches all the followers you’ve chosen.

everything filter match all


In addition to other filters, use the Projects filter to refine the task list added to specific projects.

everything filter projects


Moreover, type in a label on the Labels field to filter tasks according to specific labels. You can also use this in addition to other filters available on the dialog.

everything filter labels

Due Dates

Lastly, you can filter tasks based on their due dates.

everything filter due dates

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