How do I edit User’s pay rates?


How can I edit a user’s pay rate?


You can edit the pay rates for your users/team members through the Members section. User pay rates can be either Hourly or Fixed amount. Also, users are paid based on the pay rate set in the Members section.

The following steps will help you change or edit a user’s pay rates –

Step 1

Select People > Members option from the main navigation menu.

menu people members

Step 2

Secondly, hover your cursor over the Payments column, against the relevant user, and click the pencil icon.

Step 3

Now, the Edit member dialog window will appear. Enter your user’s hourly rate under the PAY RATE field and click Save.

A pay rate is an amount you pay to your team members or users. It can be based on an hourly rate or a fixed amount. By contrast, the bill rate refers to the amount that clients are charged on their invoices.
Changes in pay rates will apply to all unpaid hours. To mark previous hours as paid, please click here.
Using Hubstaff, you can add different pay rates to each project. This setting overrides the pay rate specified on the Members page. For more details click here.
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