Projects Overview

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After creating an organization, you need to create Projects and assign them to your team members (or yourself) so that time can be tracked to it accordingly.

Creating Projects within Hubtaff is extremely simple and easy.

Add a Project

In order to set up projects, you just need to follow these two simple steps:

Step 1

Click on “Projects” on the sidebar menu and select ‘Add project’


Step 2

Once you click on ‘Add Project,’ you will the see the following window, where you can name the Project and assign team members according to their roles.

Step 3

Once the information is entered correctly, click ‘Save’ and the project will be created.



Editing Project Memberships and Roles

Step 1

Click on Projects in the left sidebar, and then click on the project you wish to edit.

Step 2

Next, click on the “Edit members” button.

That will allow you to edit members in the following widget:


Once you’ve added a Project and assigned it to a team member, they will be able to see the Project on their Hubstaff application.


As visible in the above screenshot, the Project has been selected to track time.

For more detailed Time-tracking, you can also add simple tasks within Hubstaff, integrate with Hubstaff Tasks, or connect with any of our available Integrations.

Click here to learn more about the roles and permissions.


Change the Project Name

Step 1

To change the name of the Project, simply go to ‘Projects’  and click on the name of the Project.

Step 2

Here, click on the ‘Edit’ button and you will see the window to change the Project name.


As you change the project name, click ‘Save’ and see the new Project name in effect as required.

Archive a Project

Step 1

To archive a Project, click on the ‘Actions’ tab next to the project, and from the drop-down menu select the ‘Archive project’ option.

Step 2

As you click on the ‘Archive Project’, you will see a dialog box to confirm whether you want to archive the project.

Here click ‘OK’ the project will be archived and you can confirm this by going to the ‘Archived’ section.

If you wish to restore the project to track time on it, simply click on ‘Restore Project’ and it will be active again.


Transfer a Project to another Organization

Step 1

To transfer a Project to another organization, click on the project name on the ‘Projects’ page.

Step 2

Then click on the Project’s page, click on the ‘Transfer’ option.

As you click on the option, a window will Pop-up, where you can select the organization to which you want to move the Project.


Select the organization as per your preference, and then click ‘Save’.

You will see the project has been transferred as required.


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