Adding and assigning projects in Hubstaff

Add Projects in Hubstaff

Now that you have your organization set up, the next thing to do is to start your first project.  Projects are meant to organize the work within an organization. Projects can be organized however you want to see them, but typically they would be something like this.

  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping

Or you could for example have several website properties under one organization.  In this scenario, you could break down projects like this…


You can really set up projects however you want, and you can always change down the road.

In order to set up  projects you just need to follow these two simple steps.

Step 1

Click on “Projects” on the sidebar menu.


Step 2

Select the organization you want to add projects for in the top-right organization filter, and click “Add project”.


Step 3

Next, choose names for your projects (you may add multiple project names, separated by lines) and assign/add members to them. You are allowed to type the member’s name in the text boxes, select/deselect all, click the “x” next to a member to remove project membership and even drag & drop the members across the different roles. Here’s what the “Add project” dialogue looks like.


Edit Project Memberships and Roles

Step 1

Click on Projects in the left sidebar, and then click on the project you wish to edit.


Step 2

Next, click on the “Edit members” button.


Step 3

You will see a dialogue where you should be able to assign/re-assign members to the project and change their roles.


Below is an alternate way to add members to projects:

1. Click on “Members” on the sidebar menu, and then “Edit” under the project column next to the user you’d like to reassign


2. Next, select the memberships and roles for each project

 Add as many or as few projects as you like.  Your Users will select these projects from their desktop client and time will be tracked to these projects. Users select projects from their desktop app, and once a project is selected time tracking, activity levels, and screenshots will being to be taken.


User then will be shown a project menu that corresponds with the projects that you have set up in Hubstaff.



Now as soon as your user selects the project from their desktop all time tracked will be connected with that project until they switch projects. So, as I said earlier in the document, please organize these projects as you work in your organization.  If you want to simply have one project called “Work” that is completely fine.  You can have a “General” project.  It all depends on your management style and relationship with your team. Click here >>> to learn more about roles and permissions.

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