How do I prevent Managers from seeing all the projects?


I have different teams working on different projects. Each team will have a manager to oversee their work. I would like to give this manager access to only their own team’s work. They shouldn’t be able to see every project in my organization. Is it possible to do this?


Yes, you can ensure that managers can only see the projects allocated to them through the following steps.

Changing user roles

The first thing you should do is make sure the team member is added as a User at the organization level. This prevents them from accessing any other projects.

Step 1

To do this, navigate to People > Members on the main dashboard.

menu people members

Step 2

If you have many members in the organization, please use the Search members field or click filters to filter further by the role they have and if time tracking is enabled.

filters in members page

Step 3

Click on the pencil icon under the Role column next to the specific user.


Step 4

A dialog box will come up; click on the drop-down menu under Role and choose User.

set as user

After a team member has been set as a User on the organization level, you can either:

  1. Set User as a Manager on the Members Page
  2. Set User as a Manager on the Projects Page

Set User as a Manager on the Members Page

Step 1

Navigate to People > Members on your sidebar, then under the Role column, make sure the user is set as a User. After they have been set as a user on the organization level, click on Edit under the Projects column.

select projects

Step 2

Set the user’s role as Multiple project Roles or Project Manager.
Project Managers can manage, track, and view reports for any projects they are added to. They also see the information of the users under the projects where they have a manager role. Multiple project roles means that the user can have different permissions on more than one project that they are assigned to. They can be assigned to one project as a user and another as a manager.

When setting the user’s role as Multiple Project Roles, select the projects they should manage under the Manager title.

mulitple project role projects

Alternatively, change the user role to Project manager, choose which projects they need to manage, then click Save.

role project manager

Set a User as a Manager on the Projects Page

Step 1

Navigate to Project management > Projects, then click on the project name.

sidebar menu project management projects item

Step 2

Next, you can select Manager under the Role column drop-down.

project role


For more information about what users with Manager roles can access within your organization, please click here.

To know more about Hubstaff user role permissions, please click here.

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