Prevent Managers from Seeing All Projects

Prevent managers from seeing all projects


Since I have different groups or teams I would love to be able to make the head of those teams a manager so they can see their team’s work. If I understand correctly if I set one of them up as a manager they will be able to view all of my projects – this I don’t want.


First, you’ll need to make sure the team member is set as a User on the organizational level so that they cannot access any other projects. To do this, go to Members, then on the Role column, click on the drop-down menu and choose User.


After a team member has been set as a User on the organization level, you can either:

  1. Set User as a Manager on the Members Page
  2. Set User as a Manager on the Projects Page

Set User as a Manager on the Members Page

Navigate to Members on your sidebar, then under the Role column make sure the user is set as a User. After the they have been set as a user on the organization level, click on Edit under the Projects column.

Then set the team member as a Manager on specific projects, then hit Save.

Set a User as Manager on the Projects Page

Click on Projects on the sidebar then click on the project name.

Next, you can either select Manager under the Role column drop-down, or click on Edit Members.

You will see a dialogue where you should be able to assign/re-assign members to the project and change their roles.

For more information about what users with Manager roles can access within your organization, please click here.

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