Prevent Managers from Seeing All Projects

Prevent managers from seeing all projects


Since I have different groups or teams I would love to be able to name the head of those teams as a manager so they can see their team’s work. If I understand correctly if I set one of them up as a manager they will be able to view all of my projects – this I don’t want.


To prevent managers from seeing all the projects in the organization, set your team member as a “User” on the organization level.

Then, set them as a “Manager” on the projects that you want them to view and manage. For projects you don’t want them to be able to see, just follow these two simple steps.  First, click on “Projects” in the left sidebar

Then, click on the project you need to edit.


Next, click on the “Edit members” button.

You will see a dialogue where you should be able to assign/re-assign members to the project and change their roles.


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