Weekly Time Limits

Our Weekly Limits feature can be used to restrict the number of hours individual team members can log per week, within your organization.

How to create Weekly Limits for team members

Step 1

First, select Members from the main navigation menu.

Step 2

Hover your cursor over the Weekly limit column against the relevant team member. Click on the pencil icon that appears.

Step 3

This will reveal a pop up window where you can enter the weekly limit. Click Create.

Step 4

Once the limit is saved, the number of hours your team member can log per week will be displayed against their name within the Members list.

How to Edit, Override or Remove a Weekly Limit

You can edit, override or remove the weekly limit as well.

Step 1

From the Members page, click on Actions against the relevant team member. Select Edit weekly limit from the drop down menu.

Step 2

This will reveal a pop up window where you can edit, override or remove the weekly limit.

  1. Edit – Editing the member’s weekly limit will change the number of hours they can log per week. For example, if you have a member who usually tracks 10 hours per week and you want to increase that limit to 12 hours, you would click this button.
  2. Override – This allows you to temporarily override the member’s limit for that current week only. Perhaps you have a higher workload this week and require the team member to work longer hours. If that is the case, you will want to override their current limit.
  3. Remove – Use this option to delete the weekly limit altogether. Once this is done, the team member will be able to log time without any restrictions.

Note: If you want to prevent a member from working at all, you can set their weekly limit to ‘0’.

If you override the current week’s limit for a team member, two figures under the Weekly limit column will be shown. The number on the left represents the recurring weekly limit, whereas the number on the right represents the temporary weekly limit for that current week only.

How the Weekly Limit notification appears on the team member’s tracking client

If your team member is tracking time with our desktop client, they will always know how much time is left in their weekly limit. The number of hours remaining will be displayed directly above their Projects list (1).

If the weekly limit is reached, a pop up notification will automatically appear (2). This will alert the user that they will be unable to track any more within the organization, as their weekly limit has been reached.

Please note that if the user is working offline or shuts down their client abruptly without first stopping their tracker, there can be instances where tracking data is not able to upload fully. Therefore, if the total time tracked is not reflected in our servers the user’s limit cannot be properly enforced.  When multiple tracking clients are used, or manual time is added, these situations can also lead to weekly limit overages. To prevent this from happening, please always allow your time to fully upload before closing your client.

Weekly limits are based on the organization’s time zone. Thus the weekly limit could reset in the middle of the team member’s day depending on their own timezone.

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