Weekly Time Limits

Hubstaff Weekly Limits

Hubstaff weekly limits give you the ability to limit how many hours your team members can work on any project in the organization in a week.

To create a weekly limit for a member follow the steps below:

Step 1

First, select Members on the sidebar and then make sure that you have the right organization selected on the top right.

Step 2

Click the Create button next to the member that you want to set a work limit for.

Step 3

This will bring up a window where you can set the weekly limit.

After setting how many hours a week you want a member to be able to work, you will see the number displayed next to their name in the organization’s member list.

You can edit the weekly limit as well – just click the Edit button next to the weekly limit. Doing so will bring up the edit weekly limit window where you will see some new options: Edit, Override, and Remove.

Edit – This changes the member’s recurring weekly limit. If you have a member that normally has a weekly limit of 10 hours per week and you want to change that to 12 hours a week for example, you would click this button.

Override – This allows you to change the member’s limit for the current week. Perhaps you have more work this week and need a member to be able to work longer. If that is the case, you will want to override the current limit.

Remove – Use this to clear the weekly limit from the member so they are able to work without any limits.

Note: If you want to prevent a member from working at all, you can set their weekly limit to ‘0’. Setting their weekly limit to ‘0’ does not remove the member’s weekly limit.

If you override the current week’s limit, you will see this message letting you know:

Members will always know how much time is left in their weekly limit. Once they reach their weekly limit the Hubstaff app will automatically stop and they will be unable to track any more time to a project in that organization (unless you edit or override the limit to give them more time).

Working offline, stopping tracking and immediately shutting down the client will stop the data from being sent up to the server. If the time does not make it to the server then the budget cannot be properly enforced or when multiple clients are used / manual time is added this can lead to weekly limit (budget) overages.
Weekly limits are based on the organization time zone. Thus the weekly limit reset could be in the middle of the workers day depending on how far off they are from the organizations time zone.

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