Understanding Daily Activity vs Detailed Activity in Hubstaff

What are the differences?

Hubstaff’s data retention periods differ between Detailed Activity and Daily Activity.

To learn more about Hubstaff’s Data Retention Policy, click here.

Detailed Activity

Detailed activity refers to the data you find in your Hubstaff account under the Activity and Timesheets sections.

daily and detailed activity

This includes:

  • Screenshots
  • Activity levels
  • Team payments
  • Amounts owed

This means that you have 1 month (free plans) and 6 months (paid plans) to:

  • View hour by hour detail
  • Edit time
  • Make team payments

Daily Activity

Daily activity in contrast to detailed activity, refers to your team’s daily time worked (rather than hour by hour detail). You can view Daily activity under Reports

The Reports section shows the combination of Daily Activities and Detailed Activities.

You’ll be able to view your team’s daily activity on any given day for the past 3 years. This data cannot be modified in any way.

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