Delaying payroll payments and timesheet approvals

Please note, Hubstaff’s timesheet approval feature is only available on “Premium” plan types. For more information on the differences between each plan type, Click here.

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Manage timesheets

Submit timesheets

Timesheet settings

You can now delay automatic payroll! This will give you more time to review your employee’s work hours and approve or deny their timesheet before payroll is processed. To set your timesheet approval settings go to your organization’s settings by clicking on settings on the left sidebar, then, go click on the Timesheets tab. Next, you’ll need to specify the number of days you want the payroll to run by the end of the pay period (i.e. how many days you want to delay the payment).

Setting up pay periods and requiring timesheet approval

When timesheet approval is enabled for your team, you’ll be required to review their timesheet before their payroll is be processed. To enable this feature in your organization you’ll need to access the members page on the left sidebar. The you want to click on the edit button under the payment column in line with the name of the user you wish to enable timesheet approval for. On this page you can set up each user’s pay typepay rate, pay period and enable timesheet approval individually.

Members page

User payment information

Once timesheet approval is enabled for your users, payment details (pay periods, pay type and pay rates) will sync with payroll automatically. If you haven’t set up automatic payroll in your organization, then here’s a guide that will help you set that up.

Viewing, approving and denying timesheets

Team member timesheets can be found on the approvals page, under Timesheets, located on the left sidebar. You’ll see how much time was logged and the corresponding activity levels within a specific pay period. There’s also a status column which will help you identify when a timesheet is open, submitted, approved, denied or paid. You’ll see an actions button right next to a user’s timesheet which lets you view, approve, or deny the timesheet.

You can also deny or approve a timesheet while viewing it. Likewise, from the timesheets view, you can switch to a different user’s timesheet, by clicking on the previous timesheet or next timesheet buttons.

Submitting & unsubmitting timesheets

To submit your timesheets, click on approvals, under timesheets, located on the left sidebar.. Press the actions button to expose the submit or the unsubmit (if applicable) button.



Timesheets that are not approved will not get paid through payroll.
A user’s timesheet will get paid through payroll, without approval, when ‘required timesheet approval’ is not enabled on the members page.
When a timesheet is already approved or submitted, the user will no longer be able to log more time for that pay period.

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