Import Boards, Cards, and Members From Trello Into Hubstaff Tasks

Trello Import Setup

Whether you are switching from Trello to Hubstaff Tasks, or if you would like to use both platforms to manage projects and tasks, you can import your Trello boards and cards into Hubstaff Tasks.

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Importing your Trello tasks into Hubstaff Tasks

Step 1

First, navigate to the Settings menu located on the bottom-left corner of the page.

HS setttings

Step 2

Next, click on the IMPORTS tab, then click on Trello.


Step 3

Name the import (this is important if you will be importing from several Trello accounts/teams and want to be able to tell them apart), then click Next when ready.


Step 4

You’ll then see the Trello authentication page. If you’re not logged in, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Trello account. Click Allow.

Step 5

Now you will be asked to select which team in Trello will be used for the import. Only 1 team can be selected for any import job, so if you have multiple teams you want to import you will need to do this process again for each team. Click Next when you have selected.

Step 6

Pick which boards you’d like to import. Place a checkmark on them, then, click Start importing.

Step 7

On the next page you will see a list of members from your Trello team. You can manage them on this page using the Actions drop down menu.

  1. Choose Invite to invite Trello users to Hubstaff Tasks.
  2. Choose Merge to merge existing Trello and Hubstaff users as one user in Hubstaff Tasks. Note that not merging existing Trello users into existing Hubstaff Tasks users will cause duplicate users.
  3. Hit Finish.
    invite merge trello

Step 8

You’ll see the Done message next to your import job when the job has successfully finished.

Viewing your imported tasks

Once your import is finished, you should then see the board imported and showing as a project under the Imported Trello folder in your organization.

Step 1

Click on the Trello project under the Imported Trello list..

Step 2

Finally, when opening the project, you will see the board’s lists, cards, and assignees.

trello import

Merging Trello users into Hubstaff Tasks

You can also merge Trello users as Hubstaff Tasks users by navigating to Projects > Settings (gear icon) > Imports, click on Manage members.


tasks import trello manage

Select the existing user in Hubstaff to merge with the imported Trello user, then hit Merge to complete the action.

tasks import merge user

Imports will include comments on Trello cards, which will then appear sorted from oldest to newest on the task.


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