Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard Team and Me Widgets

We’re excited to introduce new dashboard widgets which you can now manage, remove, move around and interact with. You can also access organization settings, timesheets, reports, and other aspects of your Hubstaff information for you and your team. All of this in a single, customize-able elegant design. There are multiple ways to manage your widgets and you can choose whether you’re looking at your team’s data or your own by selecting Team or Me.


Managing widgets

Adding/removing widgets through the “manage widgets” button. Just click on Manage widgets and select which widgets you want visible.

Removing widgets via the three-dotted menu is a breeze. First, click on the menu buttons on the widget and then click Remove.

You can also access the different widget options via the three-dotted menu. Some widgets have additional options which you can access by clicking on the menu button for the widget and then selecting the option you would like to manage.

Dragging & dropping (moving) widgets. You can also grab a widget and drag it to where you would like it to be. You can easily customize them and switch things around to your liking.

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