Retry Paying a Member(s) Through another Payment Gateway

If you have attempted to pay members of your organization (For information on how to pay your members, please click here), but it results in a failed payment, and you wish to attempt payment through a different payment gateway, please follow this guide.

Step 1

Click on the Financials tab on the left sidebar and then select Past Payments.

menu financials past payments

Step 2

Look at the failed payment and click on the Action button, then click on Export/Pay.


Step 3

Click on the alternate payment gateway you wish to use, in this case we will use PayPal as an example.

You will need to have the payment method previously setup as a payroll account. Here are guides that will take you through that process:

Then click on Send payment.

financials send payments send payment
The system will automatically split the team payment, moving the users to a new team payment and automatically pay the new payment via the new gateway. If the payment fails, follow the steps again to select a new gateway.

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