Viewing your data in different time zones

Viewing Activity and Timesheets in Different Time Zones

You can view activity and timesheets in different time zones within Hubstaff. Depending on the person viewing the timesheet data, the timezones may be different and may cause the viewer to see different data than say, an employee due to timezone differences.

There are 3 available timezones in Hubstaff:

  1. Member’s timezone – the timezone of the member who recorded the data being viewed by owners/managers.
  2. My timezone – your personal timezone set on your Hubstaff account.
  3. Organization’s timezone – your organization’s set timezone.

If you, the member you are looking at, and the organization all have different time zones then you will be able to change the views for the Activity and Timesheet pages in each one of those time zones. Everything in the Reports pages will only display data based on the organization’s time zone.

Image showing the effects of different timezones compared to time recorded from 8pm – 5am EST shift.

Payments and reports are based on the organization’s set timezone.

The default time zone displayed is your time zone. To change the time zone on the Activity and Timesheet pages you need to select the time zone you want to view from the Timezone drop-down shown below.

Member’s time zone

Organization’s time zone

When you change to your organization’s timezone and, your timezone is different from that of your organization’s, the Timesheet will display the tracked time in your organization’s time zone and also your time zone in parenthesis as seen below.

This is what the Activities page looks like before and after switching time zones.

My time zone

Organization’s time zone

For both, Timesheets and Activities page, you can use the additional filters available on the top right corner that enable you to view activities for a specific Source, Activity Level, Member, Project, and Time type.


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