What do the different payment statuses mean?

On our payroll feature, each team payment will result in multiple statuses, below is a list of each payment status and what they mean.


understanding payroll payments


This status means that the system is working out the data to add to the team payment. This can range from a few minutes to a few hours.


The pending payment status means that the payment is marked as paid, but not exported to a file for use outside of Hubstaff for import into a third-party payment application. Note that pending payments mean that no funds were sent to the employee through Hubstaff.


If you are using automatic payments you will see Processing when a payroll payment has just been initiated but is not complete yet.


This means the payment was not successful, to find out the reason for the error click on Actions on the far right of the payment and click View. Alternatively, you may contact support at support@hubstaff.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Partially Paid

If the payment you are trying to run is larger than $10,000 it will be broken down into smaller payments. You may also see Partial payment if you are paying multiple employees but payment to 1 of the employees has failed.


This means that the time worked was exported to pay your team outside of Hubstaff using Paypal MassPay, Payoneer, Quickbooks, or CSV. You can learn more about Team payments exports here.


This means that your employee has been paid and actual funds were transferred to the payee account from the payer account.


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