How Do I Pay My Team?

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How Do I Pay My Team in Hubstaff?

There are four different ways to pay your team members. The first option is the manual payment method, which involves exporting the time worked in a file format of your choice so you can easily pay your team members how you like. This is available on both basic and premium plans.

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The second option is automatic payroll, which allows you to set up payment profiles for your team members so they can be paid automatically for time worked through Hubstaff (weekly, twice a month, bi-weekly, or monthly) through PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer, Bitwage, or Gusto.

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The third option is to make a one-time payment. This allows you to send a single, one-time payment to one or multiple team members.

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The fourth option is to pay the team invoices directly from the payment gateway. This allows you to pay the Hubstaff team invoices created by your team members directly from your desired payment gateway. This is beneficial since your team members can also invoice other miscellaneous payments.

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Hubstaff doesn’t currently handle taxes. It does give you the ability to pay your team members and keep accurate records of how much they have been paid.


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