How to Remove a User or Member from your Organization

If you have a member of your team who no longer needs to track time, you can remove them from your organization. Once a team member is removed, they will no longer have access to view any data they tracked within your organization.

Please follow these steps to do so:

  1. Click Members from the main navigation menu
  2. Select Actions to the right hand side of the member you wish to remove
  3. Click Remove member from the drop-down menu

Please note, you also have the option to disable tracking for members within your organization. When you disable tracking for a member they will no longer count towards the total plan size of your subscription.

This feature is most useful when you have a team member who does not work with you frequently. For example they might do sporadic contractual work for you on an ongoing basis. Disabling time tracking for them is a faster and cleaner way to keep the team member in your organization, but not need to continuously pay for them under your subscription.

Be aware that disabling tracking for a team member will still give them access to see their own tracking data within your organization.

Removing a user from the organization will not delete their historical tracking data. It will all be available on the Time & Activities page by filtering the corresponding dates.

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