How can I keep track of my team’s expenses?

Hubstaff can help you stay on top of your team’s expenses. There are several sections where you can view your team members’ paid and unpaid amounts.

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Viewing daily and weekly amounts on the Dashboard

To have a quick overview of your team’s weekly and today’s spending, you may activate the corresponding widgets on Sidebar > Dashboard. Using the Manage widgets button, you may enable the Spent this week and Spent today widgets.

Hubstaff Dashboard: Spend today and Spend this week widgets

Another useful widget that you may activate on the Dashboard is the Amounts owed one.
Hubstaff Dashboard: Amounts owed widget

By clicking on the View report button, you will be able to see the full report with more details. Overtime will be represented by a purple clock next to the total unpaid amount.

Viewing activity reports

Our powerful reporting section offers multiple options for creating reports, viewing, and exporting information within your organization. Hubstaff provides several reports that will give you an idea about your team’s spendings.

Time and activity report

On the sidebar, go to Reports > Time & activity, you will find arguably one of the most commonly used reports on Hubstaff. Select the required time frame using the date picker to see the total and broken down amounts of your team members’ spendings.Hubstaff Reports Time and activity

To know more about the Time and activity report, its filters, break down, and exporting options, check here.

Weekly report

To view the total hours worked per day within a week and the totals for the week, you can navigate to Sidebar > Reports > Weekly. From there, you can select the required week, and you will be able to view the daily totals for all (or selected ones if you use the Filters) team members who tracked time during that week.

Hubstaff Reports Weekly Teams spendings

Viewing past payments and related reports

If you use Hubstaff to pay your team either using the automatic Payroll, or by creating manual payments, you may also view your past team payments history on the Sidebar > Financials > Past payments page.

Hubstaff Past payments
You may get the detailed information regarding each payment if you click on the Actions > View button.

The way payments are calculated is by day. We divide up the activities by day, user, and project. For each unique day/user/project, we total up the number of seconds tracked divide by 3600.0 (to get the hours), multiply by the current pay rate, and then round it to 2 decimals. This is what is stored in the details of the team payment. So, the amount we calculate will be slightly different due to rounding than if you were to add up all the time worked in a week and multiply it by the pay rate.

Once you start using payments, the following reports may come in handy: Payments and Amounts owed. The latter report shows the amounts within the selected time frame which you owe to your members. This report shows the time that is not yet marked as Paid on our platform (no payment or team invoice is created for this time).

Hubstaff Reports - Amounts owed

The Amounts owed report only shows the sums that are calculated for hourly rates, but not for fixed rates.

The Payments report, in turn, shows all the payments created within the chosen span.

Hubstaff Reports - Payments reports

Viewing timesheets for approvals

Similar to the Amounts owed report, you may also find information about the pending amounts in timesheets for approvals if you are using this option in your organization. Find the information about timesheet approvals here.

Observing the timesheets on the Sidebar > Timesheets > Approvals page, you will find out what time is going to be paid in each case. It may be a sum of the amounts owed for hours, paid time off and holidays, and overtime hours.

Hubstaff Timesheets Approvals

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