How can I keep track of my teams expenses?


Where can we find out how to use hubstaff better. Daily work summaries per candidate, forecasting monthly expenses etc


To view your teams expenses and pay rates click on “Payments”, then on “send”. That page allows you to choose a custom date range, filter by member, project and mark time as paid and/or export payment data in order to process the payment manually or document the data.

You may also view past payment data by clicking on the “Past” section under the payments tab.

The way payments are calculated is by day.  We divide up the activities by day, user, and project.  For each unique day/user/project we total up the number of seconds tracked divide by 3600.0 (to get hours) multiply by the current pay rate and then round it to 2 decimals. This is what is stored in the details of the team payment. So, yes the amount we calculate will be slightly different due to rounding than if you were to add up all the time worked in a week and straight multiply it by the pay rate.
Payments and amounts owed reports are also a good way to get a detailed report of your team expenses.

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