Withdraw Funds/Team Payment Export

Withdraw Funds/Team Payment Export


How do you withdraw funds from your Hubstaff account?


Hubstaff doesn’t store any funds. Employers pay their teams outside the system. Hubstaff does provide several options to make this simple for employers however – they can export time worked to PayPal MassPay, Payoneer, Quickbooks, and CSV. Using that data they are able to pay their teams.

Step 1

Click on the “Send” page under the “Payments” section of the left sidebar (Under admin), then select “my team” and the dates that include the time you wish to mark as “paid”.


Step 2

See the total amount of “unpaid” total then click “Send payment”


Step 3

Choose an export method

The exported payment will show up as “Complete” in the “Past” payments page. Furthermore, work hours that had been marked as “paid” are considered immutable and the changes cannot be undone.

Payment export - complete

Click here to learn how to upload the exported Mass Pay file to Paypal and submit a payment.
To learn how to how to upload the exported Batch file to TransferWise and submit a payment click here.
If you’re looking to pay your team automatically, please check out our automatic¬†payroll setup guide.

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