Can I store/withdraw funds in Hubstaff to pay members?


Can I store/withdraw funds in Hubstaff to pay members?


No, Hubstaff doesn’t store any funds.

However, we provide two options for organization Owners to pay their members:

Automatic payments

You can set up automated payments by integrating with any of the payment gateways offered in our integrations list. We offer the option to select the Timesheet approvals. This allows the time tracked to go into payment processing only when the owner (or organization manager, or Team Leads) approves users’ timesheets for the selected pay period. Learn more about it and the payroll delay option here.

Manual or exported payments

This provides a manual alternative for organizations Owners who do not want to integrate any payment gateway into the account. Owners can export the time worked data to PayPal (with Payouts feature), Payoneer, QuickBooks, Wise, and CSV. They can then use the exported data to pay their teams.

Step 1

On the left sidebar, choose Financials > Send Payments.

Then, choose the PAY FOR HOURS tab, set the payment period, and add the members.

Once the details are added, click on the Send payment button.

Due to a technical limitation, you may select only up to one full month at once. In case you need to pay for several months, you will need to create separate payments.
Removed members are not shown in this dialog.

Step 2

Now, a new window will pop up as below. Here, select Mark as paid.

Step 3

Further to Step 2, a new dialog window will open where you can export the payment via Excel, PayPal, Payoneer, QuickBooks, Wise.

Once you select the format, click on Download.

Past payment status

The exported payment will show up as Exported on the Past payments page. Work hours that had been marked as paid are considered locked, and the changes cannot be undone.

Click here to learn how to upload the exported Mass Pay file to PayPal and submit payment.
To learn how to upload the exported batch file to Wise and submit a payment, click here.
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