Does The Activity % Tell Me How Much Time Someone Was Working?

The activity % should not be read as the amount of time a person spent working.

The activity % is just one metric that you should be using to get an idea of how efficiently or productive a person is working.  Some jobs may have a low activity % because they don’t involve a lot of data entry or typing.  Someone who spends a lot of time in meetings, on phone calls, reading or watching things would be a good example. So you have to take into account the context of the type of work being done.

You want to look at several factors when you believe you have a problem with an employee’s performance. Activity % is just one part of the whole picture.  You should also look at their screenshots, the number of breaks they are taking, the times of the day they working and of course the apps and URLs they are going to. In total you should have a very accurate picture of what they are working on and how productive they are being.  The “Activity” page has 4 tabs under it where you can find all of this. You can see all the information related to the “Activity” page here.

Below is a very quick guide that you can use to evaluate your staff:

NOTE: these percentages are referring to ‘trends” that you can recognize over days or weeks. Do NOT evaluate an employee based on a specific segment or by a period of only a few hours.

● 95% – 100% – This activity level is not sustainable over a period of more than 30 minutes or so for most employees.

● 90% – 94% – Only the most active employees can reach this. It is reachable, but as an employer you should not expect it.

● 75% – 89% – This is the activity that you could expect from an extremely active employee. If they reach these percentages on a consistent basis, they are working at a very good pace.

● 60% – 74% – This is still a very acceptable activity level for a good employee. If they are working at these levels consistently across the day.

● 50% – 64% – This activity level is becoming questionable. These employees are not as fast as the other employees for sure. They may take longer to make decisions, or they are slower typers, or they are distracted by other things.

● 35% – 49% – There is something else going on with this employee. They are simply trying to do just enough to get by.

● 0% – 34% – It may be time to look for someone else.

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