Specific Activity Tracking in Hubstaff

Specific Activity Tracking


I haven’t been able to find the way to report the specific activity I’m working on. I need employees to specify what they are working on within the project, not just which project.


In Hubstaff, you can accomplish this through notes.  Your employees will enter notes into the Hubstaff timer as they are working.

One way to do this is directly from the taskbar:

Right click on the Hubstaff icon to bring up the options menu, then select “Add Note”. A popup will appear where you can enter notes.

Another option is through the Desktop client options menu:

Click the options icon on the right-hand side and click “Add Note”

Another option is through the Activity page:

Step 1

Click on “Activity”, then click on the pencil icon underneath a screenshot.

Step 2

Click the “Add Note” button that pops up and you will see where you can enter in notes or specific activities.


The pop-up will look like this for you to enter your notes:


The Hubstaff “To-do” feature will allow you to create to-do items directly from your account (Adding to-dos).

Hubstaff Tasks is another resource that can be integrated into your organization for Project and Task tracking (Hubstaff Tasks time tracking)

Visit Hubstaff Tasks site

Hubstaff also has integrations with project management services like PivotalTracker, Basecamp, Asana, and more. If your company uses any of those services, you can sign up and start tracking time to specific tasks that have synced with the Hubstaff app. You can read more about Hubstaff project management integrations here.

You can read more on notes here

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