Activity Benchmarks in Hubstaff Time Tracking

What are activity benchmarks?

Our activity benchmarks feature helps you understand all about activity levels. It also answers common questions about activity levels such as: What type of applications record activity? What activity is good or bad? How do your organization’s activity levels compare to other organizations in the same industry?

First, navigate to the Activity > Screenshots page.

Activity Screenshots 1

Then click on the Activity benchmarks button.

Hubstaff Activity benchmarks

Table of contents

The basics

The basics section shows you a table of four activity level tiers that explain what levels of activity to expect from your employees. It also explains how Idle time affects activities and how you can change the settings. You can also watch the video about how activity tracking works in Hubstaff by navigating to the “Welcome to activity video” section of the page.

the basics

To learn more about how Hubstaff calculates activity levels, click here.


The Timers section shows what types of apps record keyboard/mouse activity, and what apps don’t. To learn more about the tracking functionalities for each app, click here.

hubstaff activity benchmarks timers

How it works

This section explains how activity levels are calculated, and what factors have an impact to the overall activity averages/percentages.

how it works

Activity in your organization

This section shows you the average activity percentage for your entire Hubstaff organization.

activity in your organization

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