How do I mark work hours as paid on the payments page?

To see your team’s expenses and pay rates, please refer to the Payments section of your organization. That page allows you to mark time as paid and/or export payment data in order to process the payment manually.

You may mark hours as paid either automatically or manually to make sure payments are reflected on the platform for record-keeping. Please click on a topic below to get started:

Table of Contents

Manually marking hours paid

Step 1

If you need to mark the past activity as paid, all you need to do is go to the Payments > Send Payments page, then set the necessary filters and overview type to review the payment. Once you’re done reviewing the payment, go ahead and click on the Send Payment button.

Mark paid v102092023

If timesheet approvals have been enabled in the organization, then click on the Payments  Send Payments page, then choose the Approved Timesheets tab. You can choose to filter and review the payments, then against the user, click Actions >Pay.

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Step 2

Next, click the Mark as paid button.

Step 3

Then you should see a modal with different payment export options; You can select anyone for exporting the payment record and click Download.

Past payments will be available on the Payments > Past Payments page. Here, the status of a manual payment will be Pending, and as you hover over it, you will see that it was a manual payment. Additionally, exported payments will be marked as Exported.

past payments overall page.

To view a detailed report on the payment, click on Action ⇾View

payment details

Automatically marking hours paid

If you want to mark hours as paid automatically based on a specific pay period, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click on the People ⇾ Members page and then the Pencil icon under the Payment column.

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Step 2

In the payments tab, edit the pay period to either Weekly, Twice per month, Bi-weekly, or Monthly, and click Save Changes.

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After you do this, the hours will be automatically marked as paid under the Payments > Past page at the end of those pay periods.

Disabling automatic payments

Step 1

Navigate to the People > Members page and click on the Pencil icon under the Payment column.

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Step 2

On the payments tab, change the pay period to None and click Save Changes.

Mark paid v502092023

After adding this setting, payments will no longer be marked as paid automatically on the Payments > Past page.
The hours tracked by the users will not reflect on the Payment > Send page when the timesheet approval setting is enabled on their account.

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