How can I limit client (Viewer) access to assigned projects only?

Limit client (Viewer) access to assigned projects

If you only want your clients to be able to see data for certain projects, you’ll want to make them a “User” on the organization level, but a “Viewer” just within those specific projects. The following instructions will show how to do this.


To invite clients as Viewers, click on the “Members” tab on the left sidebar.


Click the “Invite member” button.



  1. Enter the email address of your client
  2. Choose “User” from the organization role dropdown.

If they are already a member of the organization, click on the “Members” tab on the left sidebar, then click on the user’s role and make sure to set them as a “User.”

Step 4

Click on the “Projects” tab, then click on the project you want them to be able to see.

Step 5

Click on their role and select the “Viewer” role. Alternatively, you can click “Edit members” and add them as a viewer if they’re not already on the project.


After your client has accepted the invite and is now in your organization, you can disable time tracking for them. That way, they don’t count against the plan’s user limit.

Projects that have a “Viewer” role won’t show up on the project member’s desktop app.

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