How Can I Limit Client (Viewer) Access to Assigned Projects Only?

In some situations, you will want to add viewers to projects. Viewers, as the name implies, can only observe what is going on in the project, how it is progressing. They won’t be able to track time to it. Hubstaff roles and permission system offers you two ways of how you may achieve that.

  • You may add your clients and assign Project viewer roles to them. This is a role on the organization level.
  • You may add any of your existing members to a specific project and make them Viewers in that project, regardless of their basic role in your organization. For instance, you may have a member with a User role on the organization level, but they may be a Viewer only in a specific project or a Manager in another project. This is called Multiple project roles in Hubstaff.

Normally you will add your clients as Project viewers. You will not be billed for them.
If you add your members as Viewers to a specific project, you will be billed for them, as they are members of your team and can do other things.
Do not confuse Clients (Dashboard > Clients, the records that you create and use to manage projects and budgets, and also for billing) with Project viewers (that are members/actual persons that you invite to Hubstaff from Dashboard > Members, and they create their accounts).

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If you only want your clients to be able to see data for certain projects, you’ll want to make them a User on the organization level, but a Viewer just within those specific projects. The following instructions will show how to do this.

Add clients to view assigned projects as Project viewers

To start with, you need to invite your clients just like any other member of your organization, the only difference is that in the Invite member window, you have to set their role as Project viewer and select the project they will be able to overview.

Once they register their account with Hubstaff, they will be able to only view the data associated with the project(s) you have added them to, but not any other projects.

If you need to add them to or remove them from any projects, you may do it either from the Members or from the Projects section as described here.

Change a member’s role to a Project viewer

If a person in question is already a member of your organization, you may change their member’s role and set them as a Project viewer. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this will restrict them in pretty much any aspect (e.g., they won’t be able to track their time, and “work” in general).

You will normally resort to this option only when you’ve made a mistake while inviting members to your organization, and you have added somebody as a User (or any other role on the organization level), while this particular person is not your actual employee and should only observe the projects your team is working on for them.
Another consequence of this action will be that such members, once set as Project viewers, will not be counted toward billing anymore since they are not your employees but your clients. You may always check the number of members you will be billed for on the Members page.
Let Your Clients Observe the Projects for Free - Hubstaff dashboard members viewers do not count toward your plan

Add members as Viewers of particular projects

Hubstaff is created to be a flexible tool to better suit your business needs. Thus, you have an option to set different roles to the same member in the different projects. Such a system is called Multiple project roles on our platform. If you need to assign one of your members as a Viewer in a specific project.

Again, you have access to change these either from on the Members or the Projects page. Here you may see an example of a member that was assigned as a Viewer to one specific project while being a Manager and a User in other projects.
Multiple Project Roles in Hubstaff - Dashboard members multiple roles
If a member has a Viewer role in a project, such a project won’t show up on this member’s Desktop app.

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