Invoices: Organization Invoice Settings

In your organization settings you are able to set default invoice setting values that will automatically be added to all created invoices. You can set your organization’s address, tax information, a company logo, and payment terms.

Table of Contents

Manage Invoice Settings

Effects on Invoicing and reports

Changing Organization Invoice Settings

Step 1

Click on the Settings tab on the left sidebar to access your organization settings.

Step 2

Then click on the INVOICES tab from the choices at the top.

Step 3

Enter in an address for your organization.

Step 4

Upload a logo for your organization (if one is not already setup or you wish to change it).

Step 5

Set a tax ID and rate for your organization (Data shown is for example only).

Step 6

Set desired payment terms and any general notes you would like to appear on all invoices (Data shown is for example only).

New clients, new invoices, and sample invoice

The payment terms set in the invoice settings and any notes will be automatically selected for new clients by default. You can un-check the boxes and change these accordingly, if required.

The notes and tax information set in your settings will automatically be input into new invoices.

Here is a sample invoice with the new settings applied. Take note of the company logo, address, tax ID, tax percentage, and notes that were automatically entered.

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