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Adding a PayPal payment option to invoices sent to clients

Hubstaff now offers the ability for your clients to pay for the invoices you send them directly through PayPal. The PayPal payment button will appear for them when they view invoices. If they use it to pay you, the invoice will be automatically marked as paid in your Hubstaff account.

Here is how to set up your invoice settings to allow for PayPal payments:

Step 1

Go to the “Settings” area under ADMIN and then select the “INVOICES” tab at the top:

Step 2

At the bottom of the “INVOICES” page, you will see a section called “Payment button”. Enter your business’s PayPal email in the field and click “Save”:

Step 3

Once you have saved your settings, you are set up to receive PayPal payments on the invoices you send to your clients. To view how this looks from the client’s end, you will need an invoice created and sent. First, go to the “Invoices” area, click on “CLIENTS” at the top, and then “New invoice”:

Step 4

Fill out all of the needed fields on the invoice and click the “Save and send” button:

Step 5

Once the invoice has been sent to your client, you can view how the invoice will look from their end by clicking on the “View as client” button:

Step 6

At the top of the invoice, you will see the “PayPal” button, which will allow the client to click on it and send you a payment for the invoice:

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