Client invoices PayPal payment

Clients can pay invoices directly to your Paypal account with Hubstaff’s invoicing system.

When the settings are configured, a PayPal payment button will appear on your client’s invoices when they are sent via email. If your clients use this button to make payment, the invoice will be automatically marked as paid within your Hubstaff account. To learn how to set up invoices to be payable via Paypal, please see our guide below.

Step 1

Click on Settings from the main navigation menu, and select Features from the drop down tab.

Step 2

Select Invoices on the Feature settings page.

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the Payment button field, enter your business’s PayPal email and click Save.

Step 4

Once these settings are saved, your account is configured to receive Paypal payments from invoices you send to clients. You can view how this looks from the client’s end via your Invoices section if you wish.

First, select Invoices from the main navigation menu. Ensure the Clients tab is active on the Invoices page, then click on the number of any invoice you have created.

Step 5

Once the invoice has opened, click on the View as client button towards the top right hand side of the screen.

Step 6

Now you are viewing the invoice as your client will see it in their email. You will see a yellow PayPal button, which your client can click to send you payment for the invoice.

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