How to attach files to tasks in Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks makes it easy for you to be able to attach files to a task.

How to attach files to tasks

Step 1

You can attach files to a task by opening the task window then performing any of the following:

  1. Drag and drop the file onto the task window.
  2. Click on the browse files link in the Attachments section of the task.

File uploads are set to a 250MB limit. If the file being uploaded is larger than 250MB, this error will appear:

file size error

How to view attachments


Attachments should appear on your task window after uploading them.

Thumbnails will be generated when images are attached. You can click on the thumbnail (1) to view the attached image:

Thumbnails (2) will appear below the image. Click on the arrow keys (3) to navigate between the images. Click the X button (4) in the upper right corner to close the preview popup.

Attachments except for image files (e.g., JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.) will be downloaded when clicked.

Attachment views

Don’t want to view attachments as thumbnails? You can select the list view to see your attachments in a list.


How to delete attachments


To delete attachments, hover over the attachment and click the delete/trash button.

Click on the Remove button to confirm the deletion of the attachment.

Attach files in comments

You may also add inline attachments to comments to convey your message better. To attach files in the comments, follow this guide.


Step 1

Click on the clip icon under the comment box.

attachment button tasks


Step 2

Add a comment, then hit the Send button.

tasks comment attach text send


Step 3

The comment is now posted.

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