Searching for Tasks in Hubstaff Tasks

There are two methods to searching for tasks in Hubstaff Tasks:

Using labels and avatars to search for tasks

To find tasks which have the same labels, simply click on the label assigned to a similar task as shown below:

After clicking on a label, all tasks which have the same label applied will appear on the Search results on the sidebar as shown here:

To search for tasks assigned to a specific user, simply click their avatar anywhere within the platform.

After clicking a user’s avatar, all tasks assigned to the specific team member will appear under the Search results section on the sidebar.

Alternatively, if you are in Tasks view within an open task, simply click on the avatar then click on View tasks.

Using keywords and filters to search for tasks

When searching through an organization’s tasks, the search results will be generated based on the following task information:

  • Title of task
  • Description of task
  • Comments on a task
  • Checklist names
  • Checklist items

You’ll also be able to manually filter your search based on several criteria to have relevant tasks that appear first in the results.  For example, using the keywords assignee:me will filter your results in a way that all of your own assigned tasks appear at the top.

For a full list of the search filters and their functions, you can refer here:

Keyword Usage Definition
assignee assignee:me Assigned to me
assignee:john Assigned to John
assignee:”johndoe” Assigned to John Doe
no:assignee Unassigned
label label:redesign Tasks with label “redesign”
no:label (or no:labels) Tasks without label
-label:redesign Tasks without label “redesign”
follower follower:me Where follower is me
follower:<person> Where follower is <person>
no:follower  (or no:followers) Tasks with no followers
author author:me Created by me
-author:me Tasks not created by you
author:<person> Created by <person>
include_done include_done:true/false Include completed tasks
created created:today All created today
created:yesterday All created yesterday
created:-2w All created on date 2 weeks ago
created:-2w…-1w Created 2 weeks ago to 1 week ago (range)
created:2015-1-1…2015-1-7 Created first week in january
created:>=-2w Created in the last 2 weeks (>=)
created:<2016-01-01 Created before this date (<)
updated updated:today All updated today
updated:yesterday All updated yesterday (not today)
updated:>=yesterday Anything updated yesterday or today (>=)
updated:>=yesterday Updated before a date (<)
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