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Hubstaff now has a robust invoicing tool that allows you to easily generate invoices for your clients and send it to them directly, as well as record payments for your invoices.

Invoice Fields

To customize the organization details that show on your invoice you will want to go to your organization settings.

All fields are optional but will also update anything on the General settings page. You can add your organization’s addresslogotax IDtax ratepayment terms, and a note. The note, if filled in here will be shown when creating an invoice.

(You can also add your paypal account so that when you invoice your clients using Hubstaff, they have an option to pay you using Paypal. Learn more about it here: )

Once you have made all the required changes, click ‘Save‘.

Setting bill rates

Before you can setup Automatic Line items you will first want to setup your employees bill rates.
You can do so by following these steps:

Step 1

Go to your members area on your dashboard and click ‘Edit’  in the bill rate column for the employee.

Step 2

Select whether your employee is going to be hourly or a fixed rate, then select the amount they are going to be paid. Once you’ve added a pay rate or changed it as required, click ‘Save’.

Automatic line items

With our invoices you have the option to manually add the line items or have them auto-populated.
To auto populate the lines follow the steps below:

Step 1

On your new invoice, click Generate line items.

Step 2

Set your date range, project, member, and line item filters as needed, then click Generate.

Creating invoice for employer

Step 1

To get started with invoicing the organization, simply click on the Invoices tab on the left sidebar and then Team. An employee (non-organization owner) won’t see the Clients and Team tabs.


Step 2

Click New invoice.

Step 3

Select your client, specify the issue date and due date, then set a custom invoice number or leave it at the default.

Step 4

Add your own line items or have Hubstaff generate them for you, specify tax or discount percentages, and add any additional information you need.

For automatic invoice items go to the link here.


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