How Do I Add Time to To-Dos Manually in Hubstaff?

Manually adding time towards specific to-do

If you forgot to start your timer to track time or want to track time manually instead of using the application, we’ve got you covered.

Add Time to To Dos Add Time


The Modify Time setting should be enabled for this feature to work. When the setting is disabled, clicking on the Add time button will yield this error:
Add Time to To Dos You Cannot Add Time

Below is our guide on how to add time manually:

Step 1

Navigate to Timesheets > View & edit.

Add Time to To Dos Step 1

Step 2

Next, click on Add Time located towards the right-hand side of the page.

Add Time to To Dos Add Time Button

Step 3

The Add Time dialog box will appear. This is where you’ll be able to add time entries. After you click the Add time button, a modal box will appear. This is where you will add your time entries.

Add Time to To Dos Step 3 Details

First, select the project name, then the task name. Next, choose the date, and then add the From time and then the To time. (Optional: enable the billable field if you plan to bill this time on an invoice). Lastly, you can provide a reason (when required) and add a note then hit Save.


Add Time to To Dos Add Time 1

The time entry will be added for that day. Notice that under the Manual column, it shows 100% of this time log was manually added. You can also generate a report of time that was manually added/edited/deleted by following this guide.

Organization owners and organization managers (when enabled) are allowed to add manual time beyond set user limits.

Once an org owner/manager adds time above set weekly/daily user limits, they will receive a notification letting them know that the time they are attempting to add will cause users to go above the limit.

over limit dialog


Manual Time FAQ

Q: Will adding manual time overwrite time logs that currently exist.

A: Yes. Manual time entries will overwrite any previous manual time or automatic time that was tracked. Hubstaff will warn you before the changes are saved. Once you overwrite a time log the recorded time along with the activities (screenshots, Apps and URLs, etc.) will be permanently removed and can no longer be retrieved.

Q: Can I add time for two projects during the same time span?

A: No. Hubstaff will only allow you to work on one project during the same 10-minute interval.

Q: Will manual time added show on the activities page and the reports page?

A: Yes. Manual time logs will show up throughout the rest of Hubstaff, including on the reports page and the activities page.

Q: Can I add or delete manual time for others?

A: Yes. Organization owners/managers can add or delete time for others as long as Modify time is enabled on their accounts.

Q: How do I adjust which members of my team can add manual time and which members cannot?

A: There is a setting called Modify Time in the settings of your main organization. You can adjust these settings there. Note that only organization owners and managers are able to change this setting.

Q: Can I add or edit time in seconds increments?

A. Yes, you can add/edit time down to the second.

Q: Can I delete the manual time that was added to my account since it affects my activity level?

A. Yes, users will always have the ability to delete their own time entries (manual timer or track using the timer).

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