How do I delete time on the Activity page?

Can activity be deleted?


Can activity be deleted?


Yes, activity can be deleted for any 10 minute segment, multiple segments and entire day. Deleting activity will remove the activity from reports and delete the time, mouse clicks, and keyboard stroke activity.

Table of Contents

Deleting activity individually

Step 1

Click on the Activity tab on the left sidebar and select Screenshots from the drop down, Click the trash can icon located in the top right corner of your screenshots to delete the activity.

Step 2

Click OK to confirm.

Deleting multiple blocks of activity

To delete multiple blocks of time place a check mark in each block you wish to delete, then go ahead and click on the trashcan icon located at the bottom of the screen. (A pop up will ask you to confirm you wish to delete your activity by asking you to press the ok button).

Deleting rows of activity

When deleting a whole row of activity you can do this by checking off the button which is located on the left of each hour, go ahead and click on the trashcan icon at the bottom of the screen and then click on OK button to confirm your actions. (You can also choose to select all of the activity for that day and delete it)

Please keep in mind that removing activity is permanent – the time cannot be retrieved once deleted.

You can add manual time later if you delete activity by mistake. (This depends on whether your employer has enabled this option)

If you are an owner or manager, you can delete activity for workers on your team as well.

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