Locked time in Hubstaff

Tracked time is locked whenever they are: synchronized to an external system such as task integrations, Quickbooks, or internal invoices, timesheet approvals, and team payments. These blocks of time will appear with a lock icon towards the right side of each time entry.

This is done to ensure that the time is in sync in Hubstaff and integrated platforms.

hubstaff locked time

Table of contents:

What causes time to be locked?

  1. Team Payments – The time was associated with a payment. This can be through time exports or payroll.
  2. Task Integrations – The time worked was through a task integration that supports write back and the time was written back to the 3rd party service or Hubstaff Tasks. For example, say that a team member was working on an Asana task. They finish work on the task, and click the “Close” button on the Hubstaff app. This will send the time back to Asana and make that time “Immutable” on the Hubstaff side.
  3. Quickbooks Online – When the time is exported to a remote time tool like QBO, it will get marked as immutable.
  4. Invoices – When you generate an invoice for time that was tracked in Hubstaff. If the time is marked as immutable for any other reason (paid, project management tool export, etc.) then it can be added to an invoice as long as that immutable time has NOT already been added to another invoice.
  5. Timesheet Approvals – When the time is a part of an approved or submitted timesheet. If the time has not been marked as paid yet, a manager or owner in the organization can deny the timesheet and the time will no longer be labeled immutable.

Who can unlock time?

Below is a table that shows which users can modify locked time entries based on their role on the Hubstaff organization as well as the corresponding cause of locked time:

Locked by: Owner Manager User Viewer
Integrations Yes No No No
Quickbooks Yes No No No
Team Payments (Failed) Yes No No No
Team Payments (Successful) No No No No
Unpaid Invoice Yes Yes No No
Paid Invoice Yes No No No
Unpaid Timesheets Yes Yes No No
Paid Timesheets No No No No

Users who don’t have access to manually edit/unlock the time will see the reason why the time is locked when they hover over each time entry as shown below:

How do I unlock time?

Owners and organization managers can unlock specific locked times. Please check this table to see what time entry types each role can reopen.

Manually unlocking time entries may cause the following time totals not to match:
1. Timesheets and team payments
2. Total hours logged to integrated tasks including Quickbooks Online
3. Invoices

Step 1

Navigate to Timesheets > View and edit, then select the user’s name and the date on the calendar.

Step 2

Click on Actions, then select either Edit, Split, or Delete time entry next to the timespan you wish to edit.

Step 3

Fill in the required fields, then hit Save.

Step 4

The Edit time confirmation dialog will appear asking if you agree that editing or removing time will result in out of sync invoices, integrated task time totals, or team payments. Click Confirm to continue.

immutable time error message warning


Time associated with successful team payments cannot be edited. Please contact support if you need help in removing time.
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