About per-user pricing

Hubstaff offers a Per User subscription pricing model. Under this pricing model, you have the flexibility of being able to add or remove members from your organization whenever you wish.

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What is the cost of the Per User subscription model?

On a new plan the minimum cost is for 2 members, and then we charge per new member added to your organization after your first 2.

The cost of adding a new member is:

  • $7 per user per month for our Basic plan
  • $10 per user per month for our Premium plan
  • $20 per user per month for our Enterprise plan

How does the Per User subscription model work?

Under our Per User subscription model you will be charged every month (or year on an annual plan) for every user within your organization. Even if the member does not track any time, or is disabled for tracking, they will still count towards your total member count. This also includes yourself as the account owner or any other administrators/managers within your organization as well.

For example, if you have 4 workers, plus yourself, you will be charged $7 x 5 = $35 per month for the Basic plan with 5 users within your account.

The only team members who do not count towards your total plan size are those assigned with a Viewer role.

What happens to my billing when I add new members to my organization?

Every additional user you invite in to the organization will increase your billing by 1 user count. The cost of this will depend on the plan type you are subscribed to – $7 for our Basic plan, $10 for our Premium plan and $20 for our Enterprise plan.

Our billing software automatically prorates the costs of adding or removing team members from your organization. The charge for adding or removing members will come through the next day.

In other words, all monthly subscription plans have a recurring monthly billing date. However, if any changes are made to a plan (eg. a new member is added or removed) during that billing period, the new charges will be applied the next day. So the amount owing (or the amount to be credited) will automatically be prorated by our billing software. 

Do you offer a Solo or 1 user plan?

No, we do not offer a paid Solo or 1 user plan. Our only 1 user plan is our Free plan, which has a limited number of features available. Please see our guide here to learn more about the different features available per plan type. 

Our minimum user count for our paid plans starts at 2 users. So if you wish to use our other features you will need to purchase a paid plan, even if you only intend to have one user within your organization. 

Is there any way I can add a member into my organization without them counting towards my plan count? 

If a user is assigned with a Viewer role within your organization level, they will not be counted towards your total user count. The cost of your subscription will automatically be prorated and adjusted once the team member is set to the Viewer status. By default all users added in to an organization will be assigned as Viewers. 

To learn more about the differences between the roles available at Hubstaff please see our guide here.

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